What Are The Most Common HVAC Problems?

HVACHVAC systems are vital for keeping comfortable temperatures and air quality in your home. However, like any mechanical system, HVAC systems are prone to problems and malfunctions.

Most common HVAC problems that homeowners and business owners encounter

Dirty Air Filters:

Dirty air filters are one of the most common HVAC problems. Over time, air filters become clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. This can reduce airflow and compromise the efficiency of the system. It is important to change your air filters regularly to ensure that the North Myrtle Beach HVAC system is functioning properly and to maintain good indoor air quality.

Thermostat Malfunction:

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the HVAC system to run continuously or not at all, leading to uncomfortable indoor temperatures and high energy bills. Common thermostat problems include faulty wiring, dead batteries, and inaccurate temperature readings. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, it may need to be replaced or repaired by a professional.

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HVAC Tuneup: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

HVACAn HVAC tune-up, also known as HVAC maintenance or HVAC service, is a vital aspect of responsible homeownership. It involves a thorough inspection and maintenance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system by a qualified technician.

While some homeowners may be tempted to skip this routine maintenance to save money, an HVAC tune-up offers numerous benefits that outweigh the initial cost. In this article, we will explore the importance of an HVAC tune-up and why it should be a regular part of your home maintenance routine.

Importance of HVAC tune-up

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Over time, HVAC systems can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris, hindering their performance. During an HVAC maintenance tune-up, a technician will clean and inspect various components of the system, including the air filters, coils, and condenser.

This thorough cleaning and maintenance help improve airflow, ensuring that your HVAC system operates at its maximum efficiency. An HVAC system that’s running efficiently uses up less energy, leading to lower utility bills and decreased environmental impact.

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Air Conditioning Repair Tips You Need To Know

air conditioning repairAir conditioning repair is not something that can be done by just anyone. This is a specialized job that requires experience and skill. If you want to know how to fix your air conditioning system in North Myrtle Beach, you need to find a professional into do it for you.

If you have an old air conditioning system, you should hire a professional air conditioning contractor to replace it with a new one. You don’t want to have problems with your air conditioning system while you’re out of town or in the heat of summer. That’s why you need to make sure that you hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Hire A Professional For Air Conditioning Repair

There are many companies that offer air conditioning repair services. They may be able to help you if you have an older air conditioning system. However, if you have a newer system, you may want to consider a service maintenance contract.

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Top Professional Tips on Choosing an HVAC Expert

HVACKnowing how to choose an ideal HVAC expert is important because not all of them are the same. Doing your research could reveal the distinction between obtaining a strong, skilled air conditioner expert and getting scammed. In some places, people pretend to be experts when they are just simple handymen with trucks and a label.

However, do not think that all HVAC experts are not what they say they are. Not all of them misbehave. To help you with this dilemma, here are a few things to remember when choosing an ideal HVAC Expert

How To Find The Best HVAC Expert

1. Watch out for HVAC Contractors who provide quotes over the phone.

Be careful of HVAC contractors who can give an estimate over the phone. This is because there are several factors to consider that an expert needs to personally check to be able to give an appropriate quote.

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How To Cut Down Energy Costs With Proper HVAC Maintenance

HVACKeeping your HVAC in top condition not only lightens the load on the system but also eases energy consumption. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can easily save yourself a lot of money on energy costs as well as keep the efficiency of your system as high as possible.

Aside from increased efficiency, following the required scheduled maintenance keeps your system from failing which costs a lot of money to service and replace certain parts.

Regular HVAC maintenance lowers energy consumption

Your HVAC system will most likely be the biggest consumer of electricity in your home. It’s no surprise since HVAC systems are designed to heat up or cool down an entire house.

With this in mind, energy consumption will be significant. During the winter and summer months, energy costs will increase as well. However, keeping your HVAC system in top condition will ease up energy consumption.

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How To Minimize The Cost of Running Your Air Conditioning Unit

air conditioningHotter days are here and as much as you enjoy fresh air coming in through your home windows, it is also time to get your yearly service. Have you ever thought about what is required to run your air conditioning unit?

When you compare running your central air conditioning to an electric fan, the distinction is remarkable. In today’s financial situation, we are all searching for means to conserve a couple of bucks.

What makes your air conditioning unit run?

There are several factors that affect the cost of running your air conditioning unit, such as the location of your residence, the amount of shade around your residence and the amount of cooling your air conditioner needs to cool the entire home.

In North Myrtle Beach, summers are expected to be hotter every year, thus the need for your air conditioning unit to work extra hard to maintain a certain level of convenience.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Every Homeowner Should Know

air conditioning maintenanceRegular air conditioning maintenance is extremely important and necessary during summer when you will be using your cooling unit for longer hours. Aside from properly cleaning your indoor and outdoor units as well as changing or cleaning your filters, there are other important aspects of maintaining your air conditioner. Read below to find what these are.

Basic Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

There are some things you will need to do before starting your air conditioner for the first time. It is highly recommended that you do these days before summer heat sets in to ensure your air conditioner is ready to serve you in the coming warm days. Plus, should you find your unit has problems, it will be easier for you to seek professional assistance.

  1. Make sure the outdoor unit – the condensing unit – is not covered with dust and debris like leaves and branches. The unit needs to be able to draw in the air freely without any hindrances to effectively function and operate.
  2. Ensure you have clean filters. If your unit uses disposable filters, purchase additional filters as you will most likely be replacing them more often during summer as you continue to use your air cooling unit for longer hours. If it uses washable filters, make sure you wash them at least once a week. Keep in mind that air that is blown throughout your houses passes thru these filters. They need to be clean and free of clog to ensure smooth airflow.
  3. Check your thermostat Most homeowners panic when their air conditioner does not function properly when the only problem is they have not properly adjusted the thermostat settings. Make sure that your thermostat is in the right setting so as not to cause damage to your air conditioning unit.
  4. Inspect all access panels of your air conditioner. Screws may become lose even if you are not using your unit. Either way, you still need to check them to ensure they are secure and tight.
  5. Regularly remove debris that has accumulated around or near your condensing unit. Keep in mind that leaves, dust, papers and other debris are blown by the wind on a daily basis. So even if you cleaned and removed debris from your condensing unit before you use it for the summer, this debris can come back in a week or a couple of days. To ensure, your condensing unit is free of debris, clean it at least once a week.
  6. Hire a air conditioner maintenance professional to clean your unit before the summer season begins. This will ensure that your unit is properly and efficiently cleaned before and after you use it during summer.
  7. Avoid cleaning your air conditioner by using your garden hose to spray water over it. There is a proper way of cleaning your heat pump. Cleaning it with water is dangerous considering it is an electrically powered machine. You might be doing more harm to your unit than cleaning it if you used water. Keep in mind that water and electricity when combined may result in electrical shock or a short. Thus, it is highly recommended that you hire professionals to clean your air conditioning unit.

Regular checkups by professionals

heating and cooling

heating and cooling

These checkups are an important aspect of maintaining an air conditioning North Myrtle Beach as these help you discover if there are problems with your air conditioner before we are in the hot summer temperatures. They are especially helpful in identifying small potential problems so you can resolve them earlier before they lead to large, more damaging and costly problems.

According to experts, you should have your air conditioner checked by trained and skilled professionals like North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air at least once a year, particularly every spring. This is the best time for a checkup as it will give you sufficient time to repair and resolve any problems before the summer season when you will need your air conditioner the most.

A basic air conditioner checkup includes:

  • Inspecting thermostat to ensure proper operation
  • Checking of all electrical components, wirings, and connections
  • Oiling motors and other components as necessary
  • Checking for smooth and unhindered airflow
  • Checking for the proper level of Freon and looking for signs of Freon leakage
  • Properly cleaning of coils to ensure smooth and filtered airflow

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Impacts Of High Humidity On Your AC System

AC systemHumidity makes the heat even more unbearable for almost anyone, especially lately in North Myrtle Beach . That’s just one of the ways humidity affects people. In a nutshell, high humidity is the least bit comfortable for use outdoors and indoors. The same goes for your AC system.

Have you ever thought about how humidity impacts your air conditioning unit? Your North Myrtle Beach AC system is  bound to have problems if humidity remains at a consistent high.

In extreme cases, air conditioner repair may be needed for units that have been damaged by humidity. Read on to understand more about how high humidity impacts your air conditioning unit and how you can prevent damage.

Indoor Humidity And What It Does To Your AC System

For homes, the ideal humidity level is around 30-60%. Any more than this could signal problems later on. You can check the humidity level in your home by doing a few steps. The first thing you could try out is to use a hygrometer.

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Keep Your Air Conditioning Cool Even With The Summer Heat

air conditioningThe humid summer season in North Myrtle Beach and other parts of South Carolina is back; which means having to keep your house cool, and devoid of excessive moisture as it could have a harmful impact on your house. It is also important not to run your air conditioning system to the ground to attain its maximum cooling power.

Below are a few tips to help you and your air conditioning unit survive the heat this summer and save up on energy costs.

Tips to Lessen Stress on Your Air Conditioning Unit

Everyone knows how hot it can get in South Carolina. But not everyone knows how to keep cool and use your air conditioning less. Here are a few steps you can adapt.

Keep your home as dark as you can throughout the day, when the sun is high up.

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