air conditioningYour air conditioning system uses more electricity than any other appliance. This is a fact that everyone knows. This is especially true when your air conditioner is used for more than 24 hours each day. Any air conditioner contractor will tell you that your system should be maintained.

Air Conditioning Tips From The Pros

Did you know that cooling accounts for 20% of all electricity consumed each year?

Recent statistics show that 20% of the country’s annual energy consumption is cooling or AC-related. The country’s annual energy consumption is almost one-fifth due to the constant use of its cooling and heating units. The cooling power that we use is much greater than the combined energy consumption of India and Indonesia, which have large populations.

These facts will help you understand how much your air conditioner costs to run.

The Battle with The Second Law of Thermodynamics

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, temperatures will always equal themselves out. Heat will always flow to cold. This is why air conditioners use large amounts of electricity to cool down rooms.

Air conditioners use refrigerant in different states of expansion and compression to remove heat from a room and move it outside. Electricity is used to compress and decompress gas. These compressors and pumps work harder when there is more heat in the room. They also require more electricity to perform their task. To ensure your HVAC system is operating as it should, an air conditioning contractor will inspect the system on a regular schedule.

It is fine to be comfortable in a cool place without being too concerned about the heat outside. However, you will not find it as comforting once you receive your monthly electric bill. Even though your cooling system is more eco-friendly, it will still cost you a lot if you are using the air conditioner 24 hours a day. To better manage your utility bills, you will need to have a better understanding about your energy consumption and ask your air conditioning contractor in North Myrtle Beach for tips on how to save on your bills.

These facts will allow you to keep track of how much energy your air conditioners use. With a better understanding about your energy consumption, it will motivate you to reduce or limit the use of your AC units and to find ways to lower your energy bills. North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air Conditioning can provide all the services that you need to keep your AC in good condition throughout the summer.

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