air conditioningNorth Myrtle Beach residents are aware of the importance of proper maintenance and care for their air conditioning units. Apart from the cost savings of not having to pay for repairs or replacements, proper maintenance and care of air conditioners can ensure comfort for your whole family, especially in the cold months.

Remember that heating and air conditioning units are more efficient in summer to keep you and your family cool. It is your responsibility to take care of your HVAC units.

Here are some guidelines to help you take proper care of your Air Conditioning

1. You should replace your filter at least every 3 months.

If you have disposable filters, it is recommended that you change them at least every 3 months. Replace your air conditioner  filter more often if you use it frequently. Reusable air filters can be used to save money on purchasing new filters every time. Reusable filters can be washed, cleaned and returned to your unit. Ask your air conditioner supplier or manufacturer for suggestions on reusable filters.

2. You should check the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Sometimes, even though you take great care of them, there are still problems. This is especially true for older units. You can determine if your unit is having problems by checking its efficiency. This includes listening to any unusual sounds it makes while operating.

If there is a temperature difference of at least 15-18° between the air it blows out and the air coming in through the vent, your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly. If you experience unusual noises or thumps when your unit is running, call a professional air conditioning contractor to have it checked.

3. The thermostat should be used correctly and set properly.

Every member of the family should know how to use it. The thermostat setting should not be left to children under age 5. This will prevent your children from getting into trouble.

Automatic thermostats can be set up to cool your home 30 minutes before you arrive. You can control thermostats with your smartphone if you’re not sure when you’ll be back.

Get repairs done by heating and cooling experts

Scheduling maintenance and air conditioning repairs to their central air systems with North Myrtle Beach heating and air professionals is a crucial responsibility of homeowners.

You can have problems or damages even if your HVAC system is maintained and cleaned regularly. Many homeowners find it beneficial to schedule an inspection. They will also check for any signs of a problem and make repairs if necessary.

Experts in the industry say that scheduling cooling and heating units regularly for cleaning and maintenance can help prevent costly repairs. This is in addition the routine cleaning you do to ensure your heat pump runs smoothly and efficiently. Keep in mind that basic cleaning helps prevent dust and debris from building up and eventually clogging your entire system. The professional maintenance of your cooling and heating system will ensure that they are always in top shape, especially during the summer and winter.

It is a great way to make your HVAC system more efficient by scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance. Your heating and cooling units will work efficiently if they are in good condition and do not need any repairs. They will also function efficiently and use less energy, even if it is left on for 24 hours. The residential heating and air company you work with can offer suggestions and recommendations on how to make your home less energy-intensive to ensure that your cooling and heating units are producing and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

When should I schedule professional cleaning and maintenance services?

When the seasons change, the best time to schedule heating and cooling unit maintenance and cleaning is now in spring. This is the time when it is not as warm outside as the height of summer, and you will be using your cooling and heating unit less often.

The following services are included in the heating or cooling inspection and tune-up:

  • Clean and replace air filters if necessary.
  • Cleaning out the compressor housing. This is where dust and debris can build up, especially if you have your cooling and heating units on 24/7.
  • Check all ductwork for clogs and blockages, and then remove them. Clogs can make it difficult for the system to function properly and cause cold or warm air to be produced. It will also use a lot more electricity, which can cause higher monthly utility bills.

Other services are included in the overall inspection. You should start looking for an air conditioning contractor now, even if you don’t have your cooling and heating units due for inspection. A professional HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach is a good choice if your system breaks down or fails.

Call North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air, Inc. now for more information about our heating and cooling services and scheduling maintenance on you air conditioning unit before the summer heats up.

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