air conditioning repairHVAC professionals say that convenience is the best guide when determining if you need air conditioning repair.

HVAC systems don’t last forever. 12 years is the average lifespan. And in most cases, the moment they stop working is when you most need them. There are many things that can be done to save your HVAC system. Many issues can be fixed with a simple air conditioning repair in North Myrtle Beach that you will regret not doing immediately.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

The thermostat is the most likely culprit. It is easy to fix. Check that your thermostat is set correctly. Also, check for a blown fuse.

Air Conditioning System Stops Working Immediately or After Some Time

The incorrect positioning of the thermostat could cause problems. It could be too close to a register or in direct sunlight.

You can fix the problem by simply changing the thermostat. You can do this for free if you know how to do it. But it’ll cost you approximately $250 to install a new programmable thermostat and another fee to hire an electrician.

Energy Costs Are Extraordinary High

Your air conditioning system is operating inefficiently when you notice a rise in energy costs. Another culprit is if the condensing coil is clogged. The coil is located in the exterior system. An HVAC contractor can perform a tune up service to fix this problem.

Strange Noises During Startup Or Operation

Are you hearing a ticking, ringing, and rattling sound from your air conditioning system? There may be more to the problem than just a loose screw. It could be caused by a bent fan blade or a bottom blower motor.

If the problem is not severe enough, you can try a simple tightening here and there. If that fails, you might need to replace the fan motor or blade or better yet call an air conditioning contractor to help you out.

Heating System Is Surrounded By A Water Puddle.

This problem may be brought on by your air conditioning system when it produces moisture when running. The water will be collected in a pan and then drained into a condensate sump basin or flooring drain.

When water starts to build up, it will create an obstruction. An air conditioning contractor can check and fix the unit if there are any obstructions, disconnections, or crimps.

The Air Coming Out Isn’t Cold

According to HVAC contractors, this problem could be caused by a non-insulated refrigerant line. To fix this problem, the outside system should be linked to the indoor system through copper refrigerant lines, which should be covered using insulating sleeves.

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