air conditioning repairIt’s important to have an air conditioning professional inspect your unit. They will determine if there are issues that would require air conditioning repair.

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your home’s appliances in good working order. Your air conditioning system also needs to be maintained and repaired regularly in order to run efficiently.

With a few tools and complete instructions, you can do a lot of maintenance and repair work on your own. Other tasks should be left to a professional HVAC contractor. How do you know when it is time to call someone and when to do it yourself?

Air conditioning maintenance is essential. Regular and extensive inspections are important. Two inspections per year are recommended, especially at the beginning of summer and before winter.

What Are The Best Times To Get Air Conditioning Repair?

Change filters and vents

Everyone knows that your filter needs to be changed every month, depending on which type of filter you use and what filters you choose. If your filters become unclean or if you have to vacuum the air ducts, you can change them twice per year. You can use household cleaning products or a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the filter. Before changing filters, ensure that all parts have been completely dried. For signs of damage, inspect all air vents in your home.

Air ducts

There are many exposed ducts in your air conditioning system. Each duct should be inspected for signs of damage, deterioration and loosening. Watch out for leaks. If the duct is leaking more than you expected, it’s time to call an air conditioning contractor.

Heat pump

The condensing coil must be well maintained to ensure proper heat pump procedure. You should also inspect the base-pan drainpipe holes of your condensing unit and remove any particles. Also, check the insulation of the electrical wiring.


To prevent leaves and other debris from getting into your exterior air compressor, you must keep it clean. This can be done at least twice per year at the beginning of each season. You can inspect the blades for damage and look for any damages by removing the cover. If the blades have broken, you should call an expert in air conditioning repair in North Myrtle Beach. It is unsafe to replace the blades yourself.

These inspections should usually be performed by an expert HVAC contractor as they have the skills and tools to determine if your air conditioner needs repairs or is in good running order.

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