air conditioningEvery homeowner is looking for effective air conditioning tips to help them reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills. It is true that air conditioning systems use the most electricity in every North Myrtle Beach home.

Below is a list of air conditioning in Myrtle Beach tips that you can use to help you become more energy efficient and not spend as much money on your utility.

Air Conditioning Tips

1. Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans make the cold air from your air conditioners circulate better and last longer. Thus, you will not need to run your cooling units longer and set them in the lowest temperature, requiring them to use a lot of electricity.

Do not worry about investing in ceiling fans because there are lots of models and brands available in the market today that are affordable, cost effective and highly efficient. Another great thing about ceiling fans is that they do not require a huge amount of electricity to operate. So you are not adding a lot of strain on your electricity bill.

2. Invest in programmable thermostats or smart timers

During the hot days of summer, programmable thermostats or smart timers will become your best friends. Once installed, set the timer to switch at the time that you are returning back from work. As such, you do not have to run your air conditioner for the entire day just to keep your house cool and ensure that a cool and comfortable house will greet you when you come home from work. You can also use them to automatically switch off your air conditioners in the middle of the night when the temperature has dropped down.

There are lots of brands and models of smart timers and programmable thermostats available in many local home improvement stores or home depots. Make sure that the brand or model you purchase is compatible with your brand and type of air conditioner. Seek professional assistance from a North Myrtle Beach air conditioning contractor when unsure which brand to buy. North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air will help you find the best and most cost effective thermostat for your air conditioner.

3. Regularly clean or replace your air conditioner filter

Many air conditioner tips include regularly cleaning and replacing the air filters. The primary reason for this is that these filters can easily get clogged with accumulated dirt and dust. And when they are clogged, they prompt your air conditioner to work harder and use up more electricity. Thus, it will help if you set a schedule for replacing or cleaning your air conditioner filters. Do this at least once a month, depending on how frequently you use your air conditioner.

4. Use an energy efficient air conditioner

Because more and more individuals are looking to live a more energy efficient lifestyle, manufacturers of air conditioners continues to integrate an energy efficient feature to their products.

If you are still using an older model of air cooling units, it is probably time to replace it with an energy-efficient one. You will get back the money you spent in the purchase from all the savings that the energy-efficient air conditioner will generate from your monthly utility bills. Experts highly recommend buying an air conditioner with the Energy Star seal as these have been repeatedly proven to use less energy when operating.

5. Take better care of your air conditioning units

Taking better care of your air conditioning units and ensuring they are in efficient working condition will make your cooling units last longer and prevent them from getting damaged and causing you a lot of trouble. Aside from using more electricity when running a damaged air conditioner, you are also putting your and your family’s safety at risk.

Basic maintenance for your air conditioners includes regular cleaning, placing your condenser unit in a shaded area of the house, and ensuring it is not blocked or covered with debris, dirt, fallen leaves, and broken branches. For better maintenance, hire a professional air conditioning contractor to conduct regular cleaning and checkup for your air conditioners.

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