air conditioning North Myrtle BeachAir conditioning systems can account for up to 70% of the total energy costs in your home during summer. HVAC is your home’s biggest energy consumer. You are likely like many homeowners who are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their air conditioning units. This may not be as easy to do as it sounds.

Don’t despair. You can find some helpful tips. Continue reading to find out how you can make your AC unit more efficient and save money over the course of an entire year.

It’s important to know the signs of an inefficient AC system before you can improve its efficiency.

Signs that your air conditioning system may not be operating efficiently

How can you tell if your system is losing efficiency? You may notice that your system has a problem.

Cost Increases

If your utility bills are increasing, this is one of the clearest signs that you have an inefficient AC. If your AC is not operating efficiently, you will need to use more energy.

If you notice increased usage or costs, it’s important to get your system cleaned and inspected. A professional air conditioning contractor in North Myrtle Beach can determine what is causing the cost increase.

Frequent Cycling

The thermostat is the brain of your AC system. It may need to be replaced if it starts to cycle on and of too frequently. The internal mechanism can be worn out by dust and everyday use.

The compressor is another reason why your system might be cycling. You should have a professional diagnose the exact problem.

Ice on Compressor

Ice on your AC unit is a sign that it needs professional repair. A leak in the cooling system can cause ice to accumulate.

This problem can also be caused by coil damage. A dirty filter can also cause this problem. You can be sure that your unit’s efficiency is not as good as it could be if there is ice.

Unusual Sounds

Each appliance will have its own unique set of sounds. You may have become accustomed to certain sounds due to your unit’s regular operation.

It’s best to call an HVAC contractor if you notice anything unusual. This will prevent the problem from worsening.

It’s time to take action now that you know the signs.

How to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner

You can save money by improving the efficiency of your unit and prolonging its lifespan. Continue reading to learn what you can.

1. Vacuum and Unblock Your Vents

  • Keep the vents clean to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Take a walk around the house to check out all of your vents.
  • You can either put them on the floor or ceiling. When evaluating your home, consider the following:
  • What size air filters are needed for vents, if any?
  • Are the vents dirty? Do they look like they are covered in pet hair, dust and other debris
  • When was the last time that you cleaned the vents in your house?
  • You can also choose a professional cleaning of your ducts.
  • Remove any debris that may have accumulated in your indoor air supply vents. It is essential to keep your air system running smoothly. You may be able to keep your vents open even if you regularly dust and vacuum.
  • Make sure that each vent is free. It is important to do this, even if the furniture has to be rearranged in a particular room.

2. Close all the Doors and Windows

If you leave the doors and windows of your home open, it is possible for conditioned air to escape. This can cause serious inefficiencies.

Turn off your air conditioner before you begin to clean the area. It’s not up to you to cool down the whole neighborhood.

3. Cleaning Around the Condenser Unit Exterior

It is important that your outdoor unit be clean, free of debris and dust. Cleaning the condenser is tricky. Make sure you are prepared before you start.

Let the professionals handle the deeper cleaning. They will use the right methods to avoid any serious damage.

4. Thermostats should be kept away from all heat-producing appliances

The thermostat’s location is crucial to maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency. Your thermostat may not be able to accurately measure your home’s temperature if it is located in a particularly warm area, such as next to a window, lamp or appliance.

HVAC technicians are aware of this and will not place a thermostat near an area that is exposed to high temperatures. If you have an old system that is located in a bad place, it may be worth the money to fix it.

If a thermostat is placed in such a way, it may “think” that it needs to cool more than is needed. This will cost you more in cooling costs and wear on your AC unit over time.

5. Repair any leaks around your windows, doors, and attic.

The loss of efficiency in your home is also a result of air leaks. If these leaks exist, the cool air distributed inside your home will move outside.

The AC system will often run longer than it should. Another issue that leads to high utility bills is this.

6. How to Increase the Temperature of Your Thermostat

You can simply increase the temperature of your thermostat by a few degrees. Most of the time, adjusting the thermostat by five to eight degree (up in summer and down during winter) will save you both money and energy.

You can control your home’s temperature using a smart device if you have a programmable thermometer. You can even make these changes no matter where you are.

air conditioning North Myrtle Beach7. Cover Your Windows

Close your blinds or curtains to block the heat. When you want to improve the efficiency of your system, this is a great way to do it.

Covering your windows will reduce the amount of heat entering the house. It will prevent your system having to work harder.

Close your curtains and blinds before you leave to work in the morning. You can keep your home cool all day by doing this.

You can enjoy the sun in the evening when you arrive home. You don’t need to compromise your indoor comfort.

8. Shade Your Outside Condenser

The summer sun is brutal. The summer sun’s heat can be a major factor in your condenser outside, making it work harder to cool your house.

Put some shade on your outdoor unit to reduce wear and tear. It is important only to provide shade and not block the airflow.

9. Drain Line Cleaning

The drain is located next to the indoor cooling coil of your system. This drain is usually located in your basement, over the furnace (if you have one).

Pouring one cup of chlorine bleach into the AC drain and then rinsing with water will ensure your drain is clear all summer.

By keeping the drain line free of obstructions, you can avoid any problems with water. When the drain line is blocked, air conditioners can have serious problems.

Ensure that your drain lines aren’t buried in dirt or mulch on the exterior of your house. You can vacuum them with a shop vac!

10. Insulate any exposed ductwork

Did you know that there could be exposed ductwork under your house or in your crawlspace? It may leak, which is not good since this part of your home is unconditioned.

You may be able to determine whether there is a problem with your ducts but you may not have the skills to fix it yourself. At this point, you must call in professionals to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

The professionals will fix the leakage and insulate your ducts with a professional-grade material.

11. Replace your AC filter

If your AC system reaches maximum airflow, it will operate efficiently. A dirty filter, however, can have a significant impact on this.

Dirty filters can reduce airflow and air quality, making your air conditioner’s job more difficult.

It is easy to fix air conditioner problems. If you ignore this, you may have to spend much money on air conditioning repairs.

12. Use your oven or dryer sparingly

Avoid using your hairdryer and oven on extremely hot days. These appliances will circulate warm air throughout your home when you use them. The AC will then have to work harder to compensate for the surge in heat.

On very hot days, avoid using the dryer or oven. Your AC system will be grateful.

13. Do not use the registers to control the temperature

It is possible that you will be tempted by the temptation to open or shut the registers of certain rooms. This is not a good thing.

This will affect the cooling load that your AC system must cool. It can cause serious damage to the system over time and create discomfort in your home.

14. Consider Installing a Zoning System

You can control the temperature of each room in your home using zoning controls.

You can use these to divide your house into individual rooms or groups and then set the temperature accordingly. You can improve your system’s efficiency by controlling the temperature.

15. Preventive Maintenance Schedule

You can improve the efficiency of your AC system by scheduling regular maintenance with a technician. They will ensure that the system is running properly and there are no serious problems with efficiency.  These tips will help you improve the efficiency of your AC.

You can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner by following these tips. This will save you money and extend the life of your air conditioner.

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