air conditioningThe humid summer season in North Myrtle Beach and other parts of South Carolina is back; which means having to keep your house cool, and devoid of excessive moisture as it could have a harmful impact on your house. It is also important not to run your air conditioning system to the ground to attain its maximum cooling power.

Below are a few tips to help you and your air conditioning unit survive the heat this summer and save up on energy costs.

Tips to Lessen Stress on Your Air Conditioning Unit

Everyone knows how hot it can get in South Carolina. But not everyone knows how to keep cool and use your air conditioning less. Here are a few steps you can adapt.

Keep your home as dark as you can throughout the day, when the sun is high up.

Close all blinds, drapes and other home windows. The South Carolina sun is at its hottest between the hours of 11 AM to 3 PM. The heat soaks up right into the roofing system, wall surfaces, as well as home windows of your home, so make sure to keep them closed throughout these times particularly.

Another way to keep your home cool and lessen the use of air conditioners even in the summer is to have shady landscaping such as trees and bushes.

An additional simple means to keep cool this summer is making sure you set your thermostat to an ideal temperature level at various times of the day. This suggestion will ensure that you are using your air conditioning unit’s maximum power but using less energy, thus reducing the cost of electricity.

air conditioningYou can also reduce heat in the summer by using your stove less. Opt to eat salads and do outdoor grilling instead.

Washers, clothes dryers, dishwashers and hot water heaters could also bring a large amount of heat and humidity into the house. It is also advised to minimize the use of these home appliances as long as possible.

Use ceiling fans and keep them running throughout the night to distribute cool air around the room.

Make sure all attic room insulation and caulking are safeguarded to ensure that any type of cool air that your Air Conditioner is generating is not escaping.

Contact your air conditioning professionals to ensure your AC is working properly. Air conditioners are based according to your room’s size. Thus, consult professionals to ensure you have the right air conditioning power and size depending on the size of your room.

To know more about how you can maximize your Air conditioning system’s potential, call North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air today!

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