Air conditioner repairAn air conditioner repair is quick and simple for the average handyman. But there are some things that can be dangerous about cooling repairs.

Things to Consider During An Air Conditioner Repair

1. First and foremost, the HVAC repair requires that the appliance be completely disconnected from an electric outlet. It is not enough to turn the device control off.

The unit must be completely unplugged and the electrical wiring disconnected from the power source. This is particularly important when working in the system or near the fan of the air conditioner unit.

2. The window and wall-mounted systems are other important components of air conditioning repair. This is also a safety issue. These units can be very heavy, despite their small size. They are difficult and awkward to handle by one person.

If the air conditioner unit must be removed from its place, or if you need to repair it, make sure that at least one person is available to assist with the task. It can be difficult to move heavy window mounts. You will need someone on both the inside and outside to help you get it off the window without causing damage or any other kind of injury.

3. The forced air cooling system or conventional cooling system might be used. If this is the case, the person installing the unit may not have had the right training. They might have connected the vent lines incorrectly.

These conditions can lead to dangerous levels of bacteria and sewage system gases leaking into the air conditioning system. Do not attempt to repair the cooling system or the air conditioner if you smell something.

4. Freon is no longer a safe coolant for newer units. Freon is dangerous in small quantities unless there are open flames. If the coolant is leaking from your air conditioner, or you notice unusual smells in the air or room after performing any type of air conditioning repair, it is best to immediately turn off the unit and contact a licensed and skilled air conditioning contractor.

Freon is an odorless substance so it’s unlikely that the problem is there. However, the smell could be caused by another problem. Before the air conditioning unit can be repaired or examined, make sure that all stoves, heating systems and other flames are completely out of your home or surrounding area.

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