Breathe Easier with Whole-House Air Filtration

air filtrationAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside our residences might be anywhere from 2-5 times as toxified as the open air. Today’s firmly secured, energy-saving design has really made this issue even worse. Air leaks are reduced, which boosts HVAC efficiency very well, yet the decline in air flow leaves air-borne allergens such as pollen, as well as various other impurities that can be entrapped inside. The outcome? Your home’s air quality is not what it should be, neither is your health. Whole house air filtration systems can help you breathe easier by cleansing the indoor air.

What Whole-House Air Purification Units Can and Cannot Do

Whole-house air filtration systems help family members with asthma or allergies such as pollen. These purification systems are developed to remove irritants, consisting of pollen, dirt, allergen and pet dander, from the interior air. Some will additionally filter out cigarette smoke and also certain damaging VOCs (volatile organic substances), chemicals which may be off-gassed from common family things such as fresh paint or synthetic materials as well as carpeting. All of them are capable of eliminating only air-borne impurities, nonetheless, and not poisonous materials which may have evaded the area.

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Thanksgiving and Indoor Air Quality

indoor air qualityThanksgiving is a time to share your home and meals with family and friends, and it’s also a time when you make memories. Thanksgiving preparations often involve many hours of baking and cooking, with many people sharing one space. The hidden causes of indoor air pollution in your house are often overlooked. These are some ways to ensure indoor air quality for the holiday season.

Tips To Maintain Good Indoor Quality

Ventilate Your Kitchen

Even though we love the scent of holiday cooking, it is important to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Poor ventilation can cause headaches, nausea, and fatigue, among other things. You can eliminate the lingering smell with proper ventilation. Start by turning on your kitchen exhaust fan. If the weather allows, you can also open your doors and windows. Fresh air and clean air can do wonders for your space and home!

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