heat pumpThe cost of installing and running various kinds of heat pump differs in some ways. Geothermal heat pumps are costlier to install compared to air source. These pumps will require you to dig down to a certain heat source.

It will also require you to work with more complicated heat transfer systems. That can also be more expensive based on your property’s terrain.

Costs Of Running And Repairing A Heat Pump

The amount you need to pay to operate and repair a heat pump depends on the type of system you have. It is less expensive to operate a ground source heat pump since the water and the ground has a constant temperature that lets the unit operate effectively. Ground source units likewise have the benefit of not being subjected to the weather outdoors, thus preventing too much wear and tear.

On the other hand, they can be quite expensive to repair especially if you have to access the underground part of the unit. Air source units are easy to service and access. However, they might require more constant maintenance since they are constantly exposed to the elements. Additionally, air source heat pumps might utilize more supplemental energy to operate, particularly in areas with colder climates, and this will lead to a higher utility bill.

North Myrtle Beach heat pumps can help you save between 30% and 40% or more on your utility bill. However, neglecting the heat pump can lead to the unit’s reduced efficiency. It is important to consider the climate where you plan to use the heat pump so that you can choose the right system that will run efficiently in your area. Provided that you install the best and most appropriate kind of heat pump, this unit can help you reduce your utility costs.

Hire A Pro

Always remember that it is better to hire a professional HVAC contractor to fix your heat pump problems. Heat pumps may contain hazardous materials and that means it needs to be dealt by professionals only. A chemical leak, for instance, is already bad news. You don’t want to make things worse by injuring yourself because you didn’t know how to handle the broken device correctly.

A heat pump can last for as long as three decades, and geothermal units top the list when it comes to longevity. As a matter of fact, some parts of the ground source heat pump may even last longer. Keep in mind that today’s technology can quickly change even before your heat pump has worn out.

That means your unit may even outlast the ability of your North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air to maintain and repair it. Furthermore, keep an eye out for brand-new types of heat pumps especially the ones that are safer and more effective.

Heat Pumps versus Central Heating Systems – Which One is Right for You?

heat pumpIf you are building a new home or simply updating the heating and air conditioning system in the one you have, there are many options on the table for you. Central heating and air conditions are one choice, then there are

  • individual air conditioning units
  • portable heaters
  • and of course, heat pumps.

Most people want a unit that offers temperature control in all of their rooms, which leaves central systems and heat pumps as the most likely options. But which one is the best choice?

The real answer to that question is that there is no answer. The decision between central heating systems and heat pumps comes down to several factors, and there is no one right choice for everyone.

Here are some pros and cons of each kind of system to weigh up before you make your decision about which kind of system to get:

First up, heat pumps: the most attractive thing about heat pumps for many people is the cost. Heat pumps offer heating and cooling in one single unit. This means that not only do you have to shell out for one single unit when it comes time to purchase the system; but you only have to maintain one single unit over the life of its use, so the overall operating costs are lower. Likewise, heat pumps cost less to operate on a daily basis. Heat pumps work with the existing heat in the air. Therefore it is not an artificial heating or cooling of the air was with central heating systems. Your electric bills will be lower, and the impact on the environment is less as well.

There are some downsides to heat pumps, however. They are not for people who live in places with temperature extremes. Most HVAC contractors recommend that people who live in environments with temperatures that frequently go below 40 degrees in the winter or over 85 degrees in the summer. Because the heat pump can only work by drawing heat out of the air in the winter and pulling it out of your home in the summer, it can’t work hard enough to keep up with those temperature extremes.

The downside to central systems is that they are more expensive. You need a separate heating and cooling system, which means a bigger cost upfront and higher maintenance cost over the life of the system. Because central systems artificially heat and cool the air, they are more expensive to run on a daily basis.

You have to evaluate your individual needs before deciding which system is right for you. Then give North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air a call for a quote on installing your heating system or heat pump.

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