heat pumpYou know that fall has begun when nights begin to get cold and the reality of the winter season starts to set in. When this time comes, how can you make certain your house is prepared for the cold? You need to check your heat pump.

Heating and cooling contractors recommend inspecting your heater to ensure it is in good working condition. After all, nobody wants to have a broken heating system once the cold season starts. You need to constantly prepare one season ahead to be sure that you’re ready for whatever the approaching months might bring.

Heat Pump Energy Saving Tips This Fall

Once the weather starts to change, it is essential to set your heat pump to the right temperature so that you can keep your house warm and relaxing for your household.

• Adjusting your thermostat

Whenever you and your family are at home, keep your thermostat at the most comfortable temperature level. When nobody is at home, you can turn the thermostat down to about 10-15 degrees to conserve as much as 10% each year on your energy expense.

• Open drapes

By keeping your drapes open throughout the day, the sun can warm your house naturally. This likewise minimizes the need to keep the lights on because of sufficient light coming from outside. Make sure to close your drapes during the night to keep the cold out.

• Cover windows

If your windows tend to be breezy– specifically if you reside in an older home– it is very important to keep them covered to ensure the heat does not escape. Heating and cooling North Myrtle Beach experts suggest using tight-fitting plastic sheets or tape to make sure your windows are sealed and weatherized.

• Seal leakages

If you have leakages around pipelines, widows or doors, seal them so that you will not lose on the heat. By doing this, you will feel the impact on the convenience of your house– and in your energy costs.

• Regular heat pump maintenance

Regular heat pump maintenance is essential to ensuring that it is running as effectively as possible. The ideal time to have it checked is just before the start of every season.

Your Guide To Heat Pump Maintenance

Considering that your heat pump in North Myrtle Beach basically functions as both a heating and air conditioning system, you might think that it does not require as much upkeep as two different systems. Nevertheless, you need to deal with heat pump maintenance just like you do with your heating unit in the fall and cooling unit in the spring. This is the best way to have your system running at its optimal level, instead of simply being reasonably reliable as a whole. After all, your heat pump is doing double-duty!

Follow these steps to guarantee your heat pump will be all set for the winter season:
• Be sure to change filters at least once a month
• Clean dirty coils
• Get rid of particles around your outside system.
In addition to these standard maintenance steps, be sure to arrange a heat pump maintenance schedule at least once a year to let the heating and cooling specialists do a comprehensive assessment of your heat pump. This will enable them to detect any prospective issues that your heat pump might have and carry out the needed repair work appropriately.

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