heating and coolingOne of the largest expenses that North Myrtle Beach residents face right now is heating and cooling. You may be enjoying low utility bills now if you are living in a climate that comes with the perfect spring weather. But the hot summer days are coming and soon you will be running your air conditioning system around the clock to keep you feeling comfortable inside your home.

This could cost you a lot of cash especially if your system is not ready. Here are a few steps to help you prepare your heating and cooling unit for the summer season.

Heating and Cooling Tips For Summer

Change the filters

This is most likely the easiest method of maintaining your air conditioning system. However, many people still fail to do this. They forget to replace their filters every month or two to make sure that the system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Clean The Condensation Lines

The pipe that is carrying the condensation away from the air conditioner can become clogged. In case the pipe is clogged, there’s a possibility that it would back up into your air conditioning system or even into your home. If that happens, you will have to face a huge mess and an expensive heating and cooling repair bill. To prevent this from happening, find where the pipe is draining out and make sure that it is draining properly.

Install a programmable thermostat

In case you don’t have any, you should consider installing a programmable thermostat. You can set it to lower the use of your heating or cooling system whenever you’re away or if it’s not needed. Fortunately, programmable thermostats are easy to install. You can even do this on your own. All you need is just a few tools.

Clean up the coils on the unit outside

Your air conditioning unit outside has been collecting mud, dust, and all kinds of debris, especially if it is not covered. The gunk that has accumulated can clog the unit and cause it to operate sluggishly.

For units that are lightly soiled, the first thing you have to do is disconnect the power and then spray the unit down using a garden hose. For units that are heavily soiled, you should buy a commercial cleaner that serves this purpose or hire an air conditioning contractor.

Clean up the fins

Cleaning up the fins on the unit outside can help your air conditioning North Myrtle Beach unit run better. To clean the fins, you can use a soft brush like small care cleaning brush or a toothbrush. Run the brush across each fin gently while trying not to bend the very thin metal. In case the thin metal fins are damaged, you’ll find a variety of tools that you can use to straighten it up in your local store.

Inspect the concrete slab

Once you’re done cleaning the outdoor unit, make sure that the concrete slab is level. If it is not, then the unit would need to work much harder to make sure that your house is kept cool for as long as you want. In case the slab is not level, try to pry it up using a board and add some gravel underneath in modest amounts until the slab is level. Take out the board when you are done.

Call North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air if you need help in maintaining and tuning up your air conditioning unit to make sure that it’s ready for the summer season.

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