HVAC contractorSometimes your HVAC system can suddenly fail. What should you do? You should hire a professional HVAC contractor if you don’t have the necessary skills to repair such systems. Here are some easy fixes to your HVAC system while you wait for the contractor.

What Can You Do While Waiting For Your HVAC Contractor

1. Check Air Filters

Air filters work harder by keeping both the A/C system clean and the air inside the area clean. Your air conditioner will not work if it does not have adequate air circulation. A clogged filter can cause system failure and expensive HVAC repairs.

If you notice an unusual smell, check the air filter. If necessary, change the filter. You should never run your A/C without a filter.

2. Examine Your Fuse Box Or Breaker Panel

If your HVAC system isn’t working, check the power supply. If the breaker switch is still in the correct setting, turn the HVAC system off and then on again. You can reset the breaker by doing this.

Locate the emergency cut-off button if your device isn’t still powered. It’s likely to be located on the HVAC system, on a nearby wall surface. You can simply turn the button back on if it was accidentally turned off. This will save you and the HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach a lot of trouble.

3. Make Sure Nothing Blocks The A/C Condenser Unit

When your condenser unit is outside, it is quite common for backyard debris to build up. Even a small pile of leaves can significantly reduce air circulation. It takes only a few minutes for you to inspect the condenser coils and clean them up. It should be a regular part of your lawn maintenance routine.

4. Check to Make Sure the Return Grill Isn’t Blocked

Air conditioning systems cannot successfully push air into an area if there isn’t enough air draining from the area. Occupying the return grill of the A/C unit is equivalent to closing off the escape route for the comfortable air and keeping it trapped in your home.

You should ensure that the grills are clean and free of any blockages. Place outdoor furniture several inches from the opening.

5. Check the Thermostat Settings

It is possible for the setting to be altered. When the heating and cooling system activates, the fan must be ready to go. An HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach stated that the system should be set up for air conditioning (except for home heating). Or the cooling system won’t turn on if the desired temperature setting for the thermostat is lower than the current room temperature.

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