HVACEverybody wants to live in a comfortable house. So, you have to make sure that your HVAC system is working properly all year round. Here are some changes you can make to your HVAC system to improve its efficiency.

Schedule An Annual HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems need regular maintenance to boost their efficiency and performance. So, make sure to have a regular HVAC maintenance service during spring and fall to avoid breakdowns and problems.

Change The Filter Regularly

It will help prevent breakdowns and improve the efficiency and air quality of your HVAC unit. Check or change your filter at least once a month. In case it is looks filthy or clogged, then it is time to have it changed.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

If you are not making the most out of your programmable thermostat, then make sure that it is one of your priorities. A programmable thermostat will lessen the need for heating and cooling, which will ease the load on the HVAC system. You can save as much as 15% every year on your heating and cooling bill by switching back the programmable thermostat between 10 degrees and 15 degrees for eight hours per day.

Have The Ductwork Inspected

Your living habits generate dander, dust, and several other air pollutants that get pulled into your HVAC system and then circulated back into your indoor air. So, if you have not done this over the last five years, make sure to start having the air duct inspected by your HVAC contractor to get rid of the debris that the vacuum cleaner hose cannot get to.

Ask For A Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an excellent way to determine how much energy you are using and how efficient your HVAC Myrtle Beach system is.

A home energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of a residential property’s energy usage and efficiency. The audit typically involves a professional energy auditor inspecting various aspects of the home, such as the insulation, windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and appliances, to identify areas of energy waste and opportunities for improvement.

During the audit, the energy auditor may use specialized equipment such as thermal imaging cameras to detect heat loss and air leaks, blower doors to measure air infiltration rates, and combustion analyzers to check the efficiency of heating systems. The auditor may also analyze the homeowner’s energy bills to determine patterns of energy consumption.

After the audit is complete, the energy auditor will provide a detailed report outlining specific recommendations for energy-saving improvements that can be made, as well as estimated cost savings and payback periods for each recommendation. These recommendations may include upgrades to insulation, sealing air leaks, replacing inefficient appliances or lighting, upgrading heating and cooling systems, and more.

Think About System Upgrades

Replacing an outdated HVAC in North Myrtle Beach is a significant investment, however, it is also the biggest step that you can take to boost the comfort, air quality as well as the energy efficiency of your home.

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