HVACNow that the weather’s getting warmer, it’s time to get your HVAC system up and running! A bit of preventative maintenance can ensure cool breezes waft through your home all season long. Don’t put off managing those warm days – make sure you’re prepared for whatever spring has in store.

Keep your HVAC system running smoothly this spring and summer with regular maintenance. Let us help you get everything ready to go so that each day, no matter the season, is comfortable!

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Clean the Air Ducts

Get your HVAC system ready for warmer temperatures by ensuring that all air ducts are clear and free of any debris. This ensures maximum efficiency from your AC unit, keeping you comfortable as spring approaches!

Ensuring your ducts are clear is just the start – a thorough inspection of your home’s airways can help identify any mold, mildew, fungi or other toxins that could be circulating in the air and affecting you. Taking these steps now will bring peace of mind knowing everything possible was done to protect what matters most: you and yours!

Change The Filters

It’s vital for every homeowner to maintain their HVAC system and change air filters on a regular basis – at least once every 30 days. This simple task prevents unseen contaminants from circulating in the home, keeping your family safe and healthy. Furthermore, it helps prevent overwork of the system which could incur costly repairs or an outright replacement down the line.

Inspect The Outdoor System

Regularly inspecting your outdoor HVAC system is an essential part of preventive maintenance. It may come as a surprise, but there are often natural intrusions such as leaves and branches in the equipment that can cause costly repairs down the road if not removed. In more unfortunate cases, you might even find small animals or nests inside – definitely something to check for humane stewardship! Keep all these possibilities top-of-mind when performing routine inspections on your HVAC systems this season.

Before commencing the use of your HVAC system in spring and summer, make sure to check for any condenser covers that were left on during fall and winter. These shields will protect it from debris or icicles but must be taken off before powering up the unit. Doing so is paramount if you want a clean functioning outdoor system!

Look For Signs Of Leaks and cracks

In the winter months, your HVAC system may develop cracks and holes due to corrosion of its many metal components. If left unchecked, these openings can cause costly refrigerant leaks that are dangerous for you and damaging to the environment. To ensure they are full functioning when summer arrives, it is best practice to have an experienced HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach inspect your unit so they can detect any unseen problems before activating air conditioning in higher temperatures.

Study The Thermostat Readings

Maintaining a healthy HVAC system doesn’t have to be complex. Checking your thermostat can help you identify any issues that may need attention before they become serious problems, like high energy bills due to inefficient cooling. If you find yourself making frequent adjustments or notice an increase in costs without noticing more comfort, it is likely time for some reprogramming of the thermostat – taking this easy step could potentially save both money and hassle down the line!

Test The HVAC System

Before turning your A/C on full-time for the summer, it is important to test out its functionality. This way you can ensure that any issues are identified and addressed before relying heavily on the system. We recommend running your air conditioning for at least 30 minutes per day in preparation for high usage during hotter weather conditions!

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Beat the summer heat by proactively scheduling maintenance for your HVAC system in springtime. Working with an experienced professional is key to ensuring optimal performance of A/C units and avoiding any expensive repair costs down the road. Consider signing up for a preventative-maintenance program – it can take much of the hassle out of keeping your home cool!

Stay ahead of costly HVAC repairs and replacements with regular maintenance! Not only does it serve the important purpose of keeping your system running optimally, but also eliminates financial burden by ensuring that you don’t have to face expensive repair bills when something goes wrong. So save money in the future – schedule a check-up for your heating or cooling today!

Make the most of your summer with a great HVAC system! Our team is here to ensure that you can enjoy all things warm weather without worrying about your indoor air quality. From replacements and repairs to maintenance checks or free quotes – let us handle it for you so you don’t have to stress when temperatures start rising in North Myrtle Beach. Reach out today for more information on our services!

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