HVACAs the chilly winter days start to fade away, homeowners should begin their seasonal home preparations for the warmer months ahead. To make sure your HVAC system is ready when you need it most, be proactive and take a few precautionary steps like changing air filters, cleaning supply vents, testing thermostats, and scheduling an annual maintenance check-up.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Remove The Condense Cover

Before cranking up your air conditioning unit this summer, it is important to first protect its exterior from the harsh winters. Many homeowners wisely take precautions by covering their outdoor AC condensers during winter months – however, don’t forget to remove these covers and inspect for debris or damage before turning on the system; running with a cover in place can cause severe issues!

To keep your system in top shape, you’ll need to make sure all the foliage and clutter are swept away from its location. Clutter can impede heat transfer which affects how well your condenser works – so it’s important that remains clear of anything blocking its coils!

Change The Filters

Don’t let winter filth linger in your home this spring! To ensure that dust and debris don’t take the chill out of summer, replace HVAC system air filters now – ideally every one to three months. Keeping these clean prevents potential problems from arising during the cooling season while promoting a healthy living environment year-round.

Protect your air system with a quality filter! Let one of our experienced HVAC contractors help you choose the right type and size for your home. Make sure to install it correctly by ensuring that all airflow arrows are pointing in the same direction– no exceptions!

Clean The Register and Supply Vents

As the winter winds down and you turn your attention to cleaning, don’t forget that your home’s air vents can fall victim to dust or pet hair build-up. Even with separate grills for heating and cooling, it pays off in the long run by giving them a good vacuum during spring cleaning – ensuring clean air all year round!

Spring is the perfect time to optimize your home’s heating and cooling system – make sure you’re removing any covers from unused vents, so that all of those zones can start regulating temperatures again.

As the fresh air of spring begins to waft in, why not treat your home with a professional duct cleaning? This service will help invigorate and refresh both system airflow and indoor air quality!

Check the Thermostat

Keeping your thermostat in good shape is an important part of climate control. Before each season, it’s a wise idea to check if adjustments need to be made – this will ensure proper operation and optimal performance for maximum comfort.

As temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to start thinking about optimizing your thermostat settings. A programmable unit can take the guesswork out of making sure you stay comfortable while keeping energy costs low. So if you’re still using an old-school model, now might be a good time for an upgrade!

Turn the System On

Before summer arrives, it’s important to get your AC ready. Take the time on a pleasant spring day to ensure good airflow is coming from each vent in your home. If you notice that the air isn’t cooling properly, turn off the system at its thermostat and make sure all of these pre-season tasks have been completed correctly – this could save hours of sweat later!

If the air still doesn’t deliver a chill, let one of our HVAC contractors in North  Myrtle Beach investigate and solve the issue.

HVAC Maintenance

As the temperatures warm up, don’t forget to give your HVAC system a refresher! Spring is an ideal time for essential annual maintenance and services. With this preventive measure in place, you’ll gain peace of mind that any summertime issues will be minimized – plus no unexpected breakdowns when it’s already hot outside!

Our certified HVAC technicians are highly experienced and can detect potential problems that homeowners may not be able to spot. With a thorough check of refrigerant levels, electrical connections, wiring and more components – our skilled professionals will have your air conditioner running smoothly for the summer season quickly!

Call North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air now and let our team help fix or maintain your HVAC system.

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