HVACMany beach lovers dream of living near the ocean, either on a property with a view or in a town. Beachside living offers many advantages, including great views, close or easy access to the beaches, and the possibility to swim, surf, tan, exercise, and even go to the beach. Although it’s paradise, you should understand the impact saltwater has on your HVAC system before buying a home by the sea. Your HVAC unit can be greatly affected by the salty air around your home. You may feel the ocean breeze from your home, but it won’t save you if the air conditioner goes out.

HVAC and Salt Water

Salt is found in ocean water. The sodium chloride travels through the ocean and forms a dusty coating on your HVAC unit. This dust settles on different parts. This coating attracts moisture. Corrosion can be caused by salt, water, and humidity.

Your system can suffer more damage if it is left unattended. Salt is most damaging to the air conditioner. There are parts of the conditioner that are more susceptible than others. The AC condenser coil is one of these parts.

Copper tubes and aluminum fins make up the condenser coil. These parts can be damaged by salt and cause inefficiency.

Florida residents don’t want their air conditioners to stop working. Are you having problems with your air conditioner Are you near the sea? Salt water damage could be a problem if your AC is located near the ocean. You should look for signs such as AC damage: AC isn’t cooling down, AC is freezing up, or parts are iced-up.

You can take steps to protect your HVAC in North Myrtle Beach. To remove salt buildup, you can clean your HVAC unit with warm water and a cloth. The salt can be rinsed off your outdoor unit with water. You should remove anything that is too close to the outside unit. Salt can attach to nearby objects, making it easier to salt your unit.

Special coatings can also be applied to parts to prevent corrosion and increase efficiency. It doesn’t matter if your unit is old or new, the best thing to do is schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC company that is knowledgeable.

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