HVACDo you still use your HVAC system from 10 years ago? Do you find yourself calling North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractors every time you have heating or cooling problems? Don’t let your system die on you before you replace it. An older system will increase your annual utility bills. It will also add costs because of constant repairs.

A newer Energy Star-rated unit could save you up to $200 per year and make your home much more comfortable than the older model. Even though the savings may seem small when you consider the cost of buying a new HVAC system, it will be well worth the added convenience.

Things to remember when upgrading your HVAC system

Make sure your HVAC system is properly sealed and insulated before you upgrade it. A properly programmed thermostat is also a must. HVAC systems are most effective when all components attached to them work as they should.

Choose the right system

You have many options depending on where your HVAC contractor has given you permission to upgrade. A new HVAC system in the United States would require you to purchase a unit that is specific to your location. It is much more efficient to combine an electrical cooling unit with natural gas furnace for most of the country. Heat pumps are a better option for those areas that have a moderate climate.

While it is possible to repair your HVAC and replace parts, this would not work if the unit is more than a decade old. Older units are less efficient and may eventually break down. Look for units with higher efficiency ratings and always choose newer models. Energy Star models can often be more efficient than standard models by about 10-15%. This is a significant amount of money when you convert it into annual bills.

Choose the right size

When it comes to HVAC systems, size is crucial. Even if the unit is high-efficiency, a smaller unit will be less efficient than one that your home needs. You may also have to be careful if you buy a unit with a larger capacity than you actually need. North Myrtle Beach HVAC systems humidify the air inside your home. A larger unit can cool the air quickly without dehumidifying it completely, which leaves room for mold growth.

Professionals should handle installation

Incorrect installation of HVAC systems can lead to a 30% reduction in efficiency. It is important to hire professionals who are qualified for the job. Installation is a different matter than buying a new, efficient unit. This is where man and machine meet. The efficiency of your HVAC system now depends on how it is installed in your home. To get the most out of your HVAC system, make sure you hire the right contractor.

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