HVACIf you’re worried about those high utility bills and feeling a chill in your home during winter, there might be a simple solution. Your house might be heating up more than necessary, causing your HVAC system to work harder and cost you more money. But don’t worry, we have some easy and affordable tips to help you save money on heating your home.

These are not big, expensive projects like replacing windows or adding insulation to your attic. These are small changes that you can make, and most of them won’t take much time or money. Some can even be done for as little as $10. Let’s start with the easy ones and then move on to slightly more involved but still simple energy-saving techniques.

HVAC Tip You Need To Know

Here’s how to keep your home warm and prevent your HVAC system from working too hard:

Install a Programmable Thermostat

These thermostats let you set different temperatures throughout the day. You can save money by lowering the temperature when you’re asleep or away from home. Installing one is usually straightforward, and many come with a manual bypass button. If you’re unsure, consider hiring a professional; it’s worth the savings in your energy bill.

Use Your Fireplace Wisely

When you’re not using your fireplace, make sure to close the flue to prevent warm air from escaping. Limit the use of your fireplace to avoid heating up large volumes of cold air. Installing glass fireplace doors can help keep the warmth inside your home after the fire is out.

Ceiling Fans

In warmer climates, ceiling fans are common. They can help distribute air, but be cautious in the winter. Fans should turn clockwise at a low speed to gently circulate warm air down from the ceiling, making the room feel cozier.

Clear the Way for Radiators and Vents

Make sure that furniture is not blocking radiators, registers, or vents. Blocking them can prevent heat from properly circulating, leading to cold rooms.

HVACSeal Drafts and Close Interior Doors

Use door snakes or draft stoppers to seal gaps under doors. Closing interior doors can help keep warm air where you want it and prevent cold air from entering your home.

Install a Door Sweep

If cold air is coming in under an exterior door, consider adding a draft-blocking nylon sweep to the bottom of the door. It’s an easy DIY project.

Window Insulation

Apply clear plastic film to your windows to create an insulating barrier. This simple step can reduce heat loss and save you money on heating costs.

Use Curtains Wisely

Open curtains during the day to let sunlight in and close them at night to retain heat. Insulating curtains can also help keep your home warm.

Change Your Air Filter

If you have a forced-air heating system, change the filter regularly to improve efficiency and reduce dust buildup.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

Lower your water heater temperature from 140°F to 120°F to save energy. Showers are more efficient than baths, and consider using low-flow showerheads to reduce water consumption.

Prevent Rapid Cycling

Adjust your thermostat settings to prevent rapid cycling, especially during warm winters. Consult a professional HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach if you’re not sure how to do this.

Lower the Thermostat

Lowering your thermostat by just a degree or two can significantly reduce your heating costs. Dress in layers to stay warm and comfortable.

Learn More

For more energy-saving tips, visit the U.S. Department of Energy website. They have valuable information on how to make your home more energy-efficient.

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