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heat pump north myrtle beachOur local climate in North Myrtle Beach has moderate heating requirements. A heat pump is an energy-saving option to furnaces in colder areas. These units work in the same way as your refrigerator to cool you down. The heat pump moves air from outside through coils that warm the air.

An air-source unit is the most popular heat pump in this area. It transfers heat from your home to outside. Heat pumps can reduce the electricity used for heating by up to 40% in most homes. This efficiency decreases in colder climates, making them less suitable for use in those areas with extreme cold. Many people don’t know what a heat pump is and how it works because there are so many transplants from colder climates.

What to Do with a Heat Pump?

Customers often ask us if they should lower the thermostat when they’re not home. This was a common practice for furnaces. The unit will work harder and longer to achieve the desired temperature. This can actually lead to a decrease in efficiency. It will cost you less in the long-term if the temperature is comfortable for you and you put on a sweater or cover.

A geothermal heat pump, also known as a water or ground source pump, can help you gain more efficiency. This unit transfers heat from the ground or water source to your home. These units are more expensive to install but have lower operating costs. They use a constant ground temperature or water temperature, which means they will last longer and save you money. A air conditioning system supplier will be needed as the units can vary depending on your subsoil, landscaping and lot size.

Trane-air-conditioner-syatem-supplierThere are many companies that make heat pumps. Before you replace or install your HVAC system, make sure to ask about the service. Most units require that the company installing the unit also service the unit. This could lead to higher maintenance costs than you expected.

North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air technicians have certifications in multiple types of heat pumps. For installation, price comparisons and maintenance of your heat pumps, call us.

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