Guidelines For Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

air conditioningNorth Myrtle Beach residents are aware of the importance of proper maintenance and care for their air conditioning units. Apart from the cost savings of not having to pay for repairs or replacements, proper maintenance and care of air conditioners can ensure comfort for your whole family, especially in the cold months.

Remember that heating and air conditioning units are more efficient in summer to keep you and your family cool. It is your responsibility to take care of your HVAC units.

Here are some guidelines to help you take proper care of your Air Conditioning

1. You should replace your filter at least every 3 months.

If you have disposable filters, it is recommended that you change them at least every 3 months. Replace your air conditioner  filter more often if you use it frequently. Reusable air filters can be used to save money on purchasing new filters every time. Reusable filters can be washed, cleaned and returned to your unit. Ask your air conditioner supplier or manufacturer for suggestions on reusable filters.

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