Fall Maintenance for Your Heat Pump

heat pumpHVAC systems need maintenance to maintain their efficiency and extend their lifespan. The same goes for your heat pump. If you use your heat pump as both a heating and cooling source, it will need both fall and spring maintenance. It should be maintained once a year if it is used for only one purpose.

Now is the best time to make an appointment for heat pump fall maintenance, before the temperatures drop. Our team of professional HVAC contractors will be at your home to set up your heat pump so you are warm in the cooler months.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Heat Pump

It’s common to hear that your heat pump should have fall maintenance. But does this really make a difference? Absolutely! You can reap many benefits by keeping up with your heat pump care and maintenance schedules. You will enjoy lower energy costs. Your heat pump will run more efficiently if it is maintained and maintained properly. It will use more energy if it works harder. This can lead to higher utility bills.

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