HVAC Maintenance To prevent holiday Hiccups

HVACAs we count down the days until the holidays, take a moment to think about what might happen if your AC stops working during the holiday festivities at your home. Although the holidays are a time of joy and laughter, they can quickly turn into a stressful time, especially if your HVAC is not working properly.

What can you do? Don’t worry! You can trust North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air to be there in an emergency. However, these tips will help you prevent an HVAC problem before the holidays.

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How To Eliminate Air Pollutants According To HVAC Professionals

HVACMost people are shocked when they learn that their home has indoor air pollutants. According to EPA, some homes and also buildings can be more contaminated than outside atmospheres. While these contaminants are undetectable, they can have a severe affect on your family’s health and wellness if not taken care of. Below are a few kinds of contaminants to be familiar with and what you can do to develop far better air quality in your home. You can begin improving your home’s air quality by cleaning your air ducts and also vents. Contact an HVAC professional today for a free quote.

HVAC Tips: Why Is Indoor Air Pollution a Concern?

The EPA estimates that 90% of an individual’s time is spent indoors. This makes everyone prone to indoor air pollution. If you stay in a house with young kids, elderly adults, or preexisting medical conditions like allergies, improving your interior air quality needs to be a top priority.

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