air conditioningIt’s not necessary to be an air conditioning expert to know when something is wrong. Knowing the most common AC unit problems can help you avoid breakdowns. No AC during the hot summer is not something anyone wants.

Common air conditioning problems to watch out for:

1. AC Running Constantly

The air conditioner will run more frequently in hot weather but should still shut off at regular intervals. You can protect your AC’s vital components by fixing it when it won’t turn off. This will also prevent your energy bills from exploding.

Cause: This can be a common AC problem with multiple possible causes. It could be a problem with your thermostat, compressor or air filters.

Solution: Turn off the thermostat fan and see if it stops the air conditioner. Contact a professional HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach if you are not able to fix the problem. Our experts can quickly identify problems and repair them on their first visit.

2. AC not turning on

The air conditioner will not turn on when you wake up. The AC won’t work even if the thermostat is set to a lower setting.

This problem can occur when a circuit breaker is tripped. Another reason could be a faulty thermostat or loose wiring.

Solution: Do not attempt to repair the wiring yourself. Our HVAC professionals are equipped with specialized equipment to diagnose electrical issues.

3. No Cool Air Flowing

The problem can manifest in two different ways. You may hear your AC running but no air is coming out. Even though you can feel air, the room doesn’t appear to be cool.

This problem is usually easy to fix. Usually, it’s a tripped breaker. The blower belt may also be worn out and need to be replaced. Low refrigerant can also cause cooling problems.

Solution: Regular system tune-ups can help prevent this problem. It’s best to trust the experts to do it. Air conditioning contractors do more than just fix existing problems. They also look for wear and break downs and try to prevent them from occurring in the future.

4. Hot Air Blowing Out

Why does your AC create hot air instead cold air? You don’t want to be warmer in your home when you are already sweating. Even in summer, this problem can arise.

Cause: The hot air could be a sign that your air filter is dirty, that there’s an obstruction in the vents or that debris is causing your compressor to overheat. You may also have low refrigerant.

Solution: Replace the air filters at least every two months to avoid obstructions. Schedule duct cleanings at least once a year. Always have a professional check AC units for leaks before adding refrigerant. This will save you money.

5. Leakage of water or refrigerant

Most leaks of refrigerant are difficult to detect by homeowners because they often appear in coolant lines. Brightly colored stains around the AC unit can be a sign that there is a problem. Although it is normal to see a little condensation on the outside of your air conditioner, excessive moisture could be an indication that you have a leak.

Cause: Over time, the AC system’s lines and connections tend to degrade. This leads to leaks of refrigerant. Water leaks are usually caused by blocked drainage pipes or faulty condensate pumps.

When faced with a refrigerant leak in your unit, it is crucial to take prompt action to prevent further damage. The first step is to turn off the unit immediately. Next, we strongly recommend reaching out to our dedicated team of air conditioning contractors in North Myrtle Beach for assistance. Neglecting a refrigerant leak can lead to severe consequences, including potential damage to the compressor, which is not only inconvenient but also costly to replace.

Regular maintenance checks play a vital role in identifying potential problems before they escalate. By scheduling routine inspections with our certified technicians, you can ensure that any refrigerant-related issues are promptly detected and addressed. Our skilled professionals possess the expertise to assess refrigerant levels and, if necessary, provide top-off services to maintain optimal performance.

6. The unit is repeatedly turning on and off

Short cycling is another name for this problem. The AC will start up repeatedly instead of going through a complete cooling cycle. This can cause serious damage to the compressor.

Cause: The problem can be as simple as a clogged filter or a miscalibrated temperature. Your air conditioner may be too powerful for your house.

air conditioningSolution: Ask one of our professionals to help you determine your cooling needs. You can use this information to choose an air conditioner that will maximize your energy savings while providing optimal cooling.

7. A/C System Freezing

If you see ice on the copper lines or coils of your A/C, this means that the system is working hard to cool your home. This can help you save a lot of money on your electric bill.

It’s not normal that the air conditioner freezes. Air filters and condenser unit dirt make ACs work twice as hard to achieve the same cooling.

Solution: Ask one of our experts to check the condenser, ducts and blower fan for obstructions.

8. Air conditioner Trips Circuit Breaker Recurringly

Your air conditioner trips a fuse each time it is turned on. This annoying problem forces you to constantly interrupt other activities.

Poor AC installation is one of the causes. It’s not a good idea to hire the cheapest handyman for your air conditioner installation. This problem can occur if the wiring or circuit breaker is not rated to handle the HVAC unit output.

Solution: Most HVAC contractors have electrical certification. Every maintenance checkup includes a thorough wiring inspection by our team.

9. Strange Smells Coming from System

A burning smell is one sign that your AC system may be malfunctioning. Some homeowners may also detect a musty smell. These smells may be coming from vents or close to the AC unit.

Cause: Electrical smells could indicate that there are wiring problems in the motor. Clogged air filters can lead to the system overheating, resulting in burning smells. Mildew smells can be caused by improper drainage.

Solution: Turn off the air conditioner immediately if you smell a burning odor. Check the air filter. Replace them if they appear dirty. Regular cleaning of the ducts in your home and your AC unit will help prevent this odor. We can eliminate musty odors with our system maintenance.

10. Strange Noises Appears Suddenly

You should be alert to any sounds you’ve never heard before. Strange vibrations, squealing or grinding sounds indicate an urgent issue.

Cause: Squealing noises are often the result of an out-of-alignment or worn belt. AC units are particularly dangerous when they make grinding noises, as this often indicates motor bearing issues.

Solution: Fixing the root cause will eliminate these loud noises. Our technicians check the belts, lubricate the bearings, and protect the compressor motor during our regular maintenance.

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