air conditioning North Myrtle BeachOur air conditioning repair company gets many calls every summer about systems that don’t work properly. Staying cool can be a serious issue.

Often, when people call in, their AC is performing the best it can given the circumstances. Your AC will have the most difficulty performing its duties when summer temperatures are at their highest. This is because AC systems were not designed to handle 95deg and 100deg days. They are meant to be used in less extreme conditions and can reduce temperatures by 20 degrees.

What can you do when your AC is not able to keep you cool in the heat? There are many ways to lower the temperature, without straining your system. Below we have listed some of the best methods. We will then examine whether the heat is to blame or if an emergency air conditioning repair is needed.

How to use your fan to cool down your home and give your air conditioning system a break

Many of the ways you can keep cool and not overtax your HVAC system are directly related to cooling technology and equipment. You can use fans and air conditioning to cool down when the weather is hot.

1. Add ice to the blast fans.

Turn on all the fans in your home, including the ones that are overhead. Put some ice into a roasting tray and place it in front of an oscillating air conditioner. This will create a cool mist when the ice melts.

2. Create a cross-breeze.

How to combat summer temperatures

Set up a fan directly across from the window to create a cross breeze. Add more fans to the room for better air circulation.

3. Upgrade to a thermostat with smart technology.

You can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 10% if you make your thermostat more efficient. Smart thermostats can help you boost efficiency, and reduce the stress on your HVAC system. These high-tech gadgets include motion sensors that determine whether you are at home, and they can even analyze the weather. These programmable gadgets allow you to cool your home when needed and heat it up when you’re asleep or away.

4. Replace your air filter.

Install a new filter at least twice a year. You can create a smoother airflow by using this simple trick. If you haven’t changed your filters in a long time, it will make your AC work harder. You will not only be unable to cool your house as quickly but also risk causing parts to break (such as the evaporator and blower fan).

air conditioning North Myrtle BeachHow to help your AC on hot days

You can also use other strategies besides installing fans and optimizing the HVAC system.

1. Showers or cold baths are recommended.

You may be feeling overheated if your North Myrtle Beach air conditioning system cannot keep up with summer temperatures. Cooling off is a must. If you are experiencing overheating, the fastest way to cool down is by taking a cold shower or bath. If you’re pressed for time, even a few drops of water on the face or dipping your feet in cold water will help. If you have time, wet your hair. You will feel cooler if you keep it wet for a couple of hours.

2. Drink water.

Water will quench your thirst. Add some fruit to the water if you find the taste too bland. This natural flavor enhancer will be much more hydrating than soda, alcohol, or coffee. You should drink at least half a gallon of liquids throughout the day. Water is the best choice, but other fluids such as fruit juice, tea, or milk are also good.

3. Sleep alone, spread-eagle.

It may seem absurd to imagine yourself on your back, arms and legs stretched out in the air. However, this is an excellent idea when temperatures rise during summer. This position and sleeping without a partner allow for better airflow and reduce body heat.

4. Slow cook and grill.

It is possible to cool down your home by grilling outside. Your oven can produce a lot of heat. Turn on the range hood and use your slow cookers as much as you can for indoor cooking.

5. Grab the candles and turn off the lights.

Your lights will still emit heat, whether you use energy-efficient CFL bulbs or not. Summer days are longer, so there is less need to use your lights. Instead, you can make the most of the sun. Limit the use of your lights at night. This is a good excuse to have a candlelight meal.

6. Keep the sun away.

The sun is a great source of light, but it can also cause a problem with temperature. Installing window coverings that block heat while allowing light in will save you money and keep your AC system happy.

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