HVACAlthough North Myrtle Beach winters are mild, it is possible to be swept away by a particularly cold storm. These seven winterization tips will help you prepare your HVAC system to withstand a cold winter season.

Winterization Tips For HVAC Systems

Your outdoor pipes should be turned off.

You won’t be watering your grass during winter so shut off outdoor faucets. These pipes are often the first to freeze so make sure you locate the shutoff valve on these faucets and drain the water out before it gets cold.

Insulate exposed pipes.

The pipes that run along the exterior of your North Myrtle Beach home or around your garage could be exposed to freezing temperatures during winter. If you are unsure about which pipes are susceptible, have a technician walk through them. You can prevent frozen pipes by adding insulation or other coverings. Another precaution is to keep your garage door closed in winter. Pool noodles can also be used to cover your pipes.

Identify the water shutoff device.

The main water shutoff valve for your home is normally separate from the outdoor plumbing valve. This valve is important to know before winter strikes and in case your pipes freeze. Sometimes, you will need to use pliers to shut off the water flow within your home. A key is a good investment that will turn off the system without causing damage.

Prep your heat pump.

Winter preparations should be done with care for heat pump-powered homes. When the heat pump is on, debris will build up throughout the year. Vacuum out all dirt and dust particles that have accumulated in the heat pump to keep it running smoothly.

Change the HVAC filter.

A simple filter change is the easiest step in winterizing an HVAC system. It’s important to change the filters on your HVAC system if you haven’t done so since last fall. This service is included in HVAC tuneups.

Troubleshoot your thermostat.

The temperature that you have set for your thermostat should match the temperature in your home. Inconsistencies could indicate a problem with your thermostat, insulation, or HVAC system. Adjust the settings of a programmable thermostat to make your winter routine more efficient.

Clean the air vents.

As you plan to heat your home through winter, make sure that the return and supply air vents are clean. Ask HVAC contractors for advice on how to clean your vents. This need will be met by a heating system tuneup.

You may encounter tasks that are too difficult or time-consuming as you go through your winterization checklist. For professional advice and insulation upgrades, or for an HVAC tuneup, contact an HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach.

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