heating and coolingIn this informative article, an experienced HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach provides valuable insights and practical tips about common heating and cooling system issues. No matter how diligently you maintain your heating system, it can develop problems, and often, these issues arise at the most inconvenient times, such as during the chilly winter months.

According to heating and cooling experts, one of the primary culprits behind heating system failures is the freezing of water pipes, which can lead to a cascade of issues affecting your heat pump’s performance.

In severe cases, these frozen pipes may even burst, resulting in more substantial and costlier problems. Fortunately, there are preventive measures and steps you can take to mitigate these issues.

Prevent Costly Heating and Cooling Repairs

Early Problem Detection

Professional heating contractors strongly recommend the proactive identification of potential issues and failures before they escalate and cause further damage to your heating system. Regular maintenance is essential, and you should consider enlisting the services of a professional heating contractor to ensure your heat pump remains in optimal condition.

Licensed and skilled professionals from North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air can swiftly identify and address heating system issues with precision. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that contractors may not always be readily available. In such instances, you can implement quick fixes to resolve minor issues temporarily, while major problems should be entrusted to the hands of professionals.

Determining the Cause of Failure

While awaiting the arrival of your HVAC contractor, conduct a preliminary inspection of your heat pump to establish whether you are dealing with a partial or total loss of heat, providing valuable information that will expedite necessary repairs.

Partial Loss of Heat

If your heat pump continues to operate but fails to deliver adequate warm air, this typically indicates airflow problems. Inspect your ductwork in the attic and crawl space, filters, and fan motors for obstructions such as dust or debris, which can obstruct smooth airflow and lead to overheating, often causing partial heat loss.

heating and coolingTotal Loss of Heat

To confirm this issue, place your hand over supply registers. If you experience either cold air or no airflow at all, you can be certain that a total loss of heat has occurred. In such cases, heating system contractors will assess your main electrical panel and the power supply to your HVAC system to ensure a sufficient and uninterrupted flow of electricity, which is crucial for proper operation. If the problem is related to an inadequate electrical supply, it may necessitate the expertise of an electrician to rectify.

Other Essential Checks:


Homeowners occasionally overlook the status of their thermostats, forgetting to switch them on or replace depleted batteries. If your heat pump suddenly ceases to function or struggles to maintain the desired temperature, a simple inspection of the thermostat is in order.

It may have inadvertently been switched off during cleaning or require a battery replacement. It’s advisable to deactivate your heating system from the main electrical panel before undertaking thermostat battery replacements, as this precaution prevents potential short cycling, which could result in more severe system damage.

Rebooting Your Electrical System

Sometimes, a system reboot is necessary to restart your heating system. Changes like air filter replacements or duct cleaning, if not accompanied by a reboot, can disrupt the system’s operational codes, leading to errors. Always observe a minimum 15-second interval between switching off and then restarting your electrical system.

Following the system’s reactivation, it’s recommended to wait for your heating system to complete its power sequences before conducting an assessment of its performance. If your heating system continues to display inefficiencies, it’s imperative to contact your heating contractor for further evaluation and resolution promptly.

Fuel Ignition

The ignition process of your heating system is another critical aspect to scrutinize. Confirm that your heating system receives an adequate gas supply and effectively ignites the fuel to produce heat.

To conduct this assessment, switch off the thermostat, approach your heat pump, and enlist the assistance of another household member to switch the thermostat back on while you closely observe the ignition process. Record your observations and communicate them to your heating contractor in North Myrtle Beach for their professional insight.

In your quest for a reliable heating contractor in North Myrtle Beach, look no further than North Myrtle Beach Heating & Cooling. Their team of seasoned professionals is ready to assist you.

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