Heating and coolingAs energy costs continue to rise, several homeowners are concerned about keeping their residential heating and cooling costs down. Provided below are a few tips to help keep your energy bills under control.

Residential Heating and Cooling Efficiency Tips

• Safeguard your thermostat for your North Myrtle Beach residential heating and cooling system from all things that can result in a false reading. In case the thermostat is in a draft, wrongly placed on a cold door outside, or too near to a heat producing register, you can expect its accuracy to be compromised.

• In case you will not be at home for a few days, be sure to set the thermostat to its lowest setting. In case there is no risk of frozen pipes or other household things getting damaged, be sure to completely turn off the heating system.

• Install a thermostat timer so you can save money and fuel. The timer could be set to increase and then decrease the temperature automatically during peak as well as off-peak hours.

• You also need to avoid making constant adjustments to the thermostat because doing so can waste fuel. Once you come into the house after turning down the thermostat, do not set it higher than your preferred temperature. If you set the thermostat up high, it won’t cause the temperature to reach your desired level any faster.

• Reducing the thermostat setting before you retire to bed every night. Cutting back for many hours can make a huge difference in the consumption of fuel.

• Lower the thermostat setting when you have a large group of people in your house. People generate heat and a party can immediately raise the temperature.

Windows and Vents

• Don’t forget to close the draperies over glass doors and large windows so it will form a barrier against heat loss during the cold winter and heat loss during the hot summer season.

• In case you have room air conditioners, be sure to close up all the vents of the heating system so that the cool air isn’t wasted.

• In case your home has rooms that are almost never or rarely used, be sure to close the vents in these areas and close the doors as well. The rooms must also get enough heat to avoid mildew from growing.

• For better air circulation, the vents of the room air conditioners must be aimed upward. The cold air will naturally settle downward. You can also adjust the registers on the central air conditioning so that the air is blowing upward.

• You also need to make sure that the air conditioning system’s outside portion isn’t placed in direct sunlight or is blocked from the free flow of air.

• You also have to keep the fireplace damper closed at all times except if you have a fire going. If not, updrafts will suck the heated air out via the chimney.

• Keep proper humidity. A home that’s too dry can feel uncomfortably cold even when you have set the temperature setting correctly.

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