HVACMother Nature is amazing. The sun shines one moment and then the sky turns cloudy. This is when severe weather alerts are issued. Your HVAC system can be damaged by hail, wind, or rain.

HVAC systems are designed to withstand all weather conditions. As long as they’re not located in areas that are susceptible to standing water, they shouldn’t be damaged. Here are some steps to take if your HVAC system gets damaged by a storm.

Inspect your HVAC System

Examine the exterior of the air conditioner unit to see if there are any signs of damage. Remove all debris and inspect all electrical components. If your unit was unplugged prior to the storm, and it is safe to do so again, you can plug it back in.

A qualified HVAC contractor should be contacted if you suspect your HVAC unit has been in standing water. You should be cautious because electricity and water are not compatible.


Check your homeowner’s policy. You may be covered for repairs or replacements of parts, or the entire unit in case of a storm.

HVAC technician

Not all repairs require a certified HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach. For example, cleaning out debris and cleaning coils. You should also keep in mind that extreme weather can cause unexpected hazards to your HVAC unit’s electrical parts. Our qualified HVAC technicians will inspect your HVAC unit and offer a quote for damage repair or replacement.

Make a plan for the future

It is always a good idea to create a checklist or a plan for the future that will help you remember all the details before, during, and after a storm. Take this example:

  • Close Windows and Window Coverings
  • Reset Computer and Other Electronic Devices
  • If necessary, go to the basement or different interior rooms that are away from the windows.
  • Switch off the breaker that connects to the HVAC unit. You should not allow electrical damage to your HVAC system.

Contact a qualified professional if you think there is damage to the HVAC system or a different area of your home. If needed, you should document everything by taking photos.

If your HVAC unit is properly installed, it takes quite a bit to cause damage. It is important to prepare for storms in order to prevent damage to your HVAC system. We can help if your HVAC system has been damaged by a storm. We have a team of trusted technicians who are available to assist you.

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