hvacAs for energy consumption inside your home, the HVAC system has accounted for a huge chunk of it. HVAC systems account for 30% of a home’s energy use on average. When you take that into account, 30% is a huge fraction of your overall cost. However, by sticking to a routine maintenance schedule and the right usage, you can save money on your HVAC. With energy costs rising, it’s only fitting to make all the applicable ways to save on energy.

Here are some ways on how you could reduce HVAC energy costs through maintenance

Frequently change filters – one of the easiest ways you could save energy on HVAC usage is to replace filters when necessary. The filters can only take in a certain amount of dust and dirt before they start to become inefficient. Think of dirty filters like breathing through a thick piece of cloth. Breathing then becomes quite labor-intensive and you would need to put in so much effort on what would have been a very easy task. The same happens to the HVAC system. When the filters go dirty, air circulation is affected which causes the system to work harder to bring airflow to its normal state.

As for general HVAC maintenance, it is better to have it done by professionals like North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air. The main reason for this is to prevent any unnecessary mistakes during maintenance. Some parts of the HVAC system like the ductwork are sensitive and must only be handled by a trained professional.

Ensure properly sealed ducts – it’s not very often that your ductwork would need some repairs. However, it is good practice to always make sure that there are no leaks in the ducts. You could do this manually but it would not be as effective as hiring a North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor. To the untrained eye, duct leaks are not easy to detect. However, with the right tools, experience, and knowledge, detecting leaks in ducts will be a breeze.

Use programmable thermostats – if you want to save a lot of energy usage, install programmable thermostats. Unlike your regular thermostats, you can now schedule the times when you need the heat or cooling. However, you can’t easily install a programmable thermostat on your own. More complicated models require the expertise of an HVAC contractor. Older and simpler thermostats don’t have a lot of complex wiring which makes DIY installation rather easy. On the other hand, when it comes to more advanced thermostats, you will need the help of someone who has in-depth knowledge about wiring and circuitry.

Consider HVAC upgrades – although HVAC repair often resolves the issues you may have, there’s always room for upgrades. Although having an HVAC upgrade is more of an investment, it should always be considered. Newer systems have higher energy-efficiency ratings than heating and cooling systems from a decade ago. When you consider that, there are technological advancements nowadays that make everything consume less energy.

Save money on energy costs today! Call North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air to get a free quote on HVAC maintenance.

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