AC systemHumidity makes the heat even more unbearable for almost anyone, especially lately in North Myrtle Beach . That’s just one of the ways humidity affects people. In a nutshell, high humidity is the least bit comfortable for use outdoors and indoors. The same goes for your AC system.

Have you ever thought about how humidity impacts your air conditioning unit? Your North Myrtle Beach AC system is  bound to have problems if humidity remains at a consistent high.

In extreme cases, air conditioner repair may be needed for units that have been damaged by humidity. Read on to understand more about how high humidity impacts your air conditioning unit and how you can prevent damage.

Indoor Humidity And What It Does To Your AC System

For homes, the ideal humidity level is around 30-60%. Any more than this could signal problems later on. You can check the humidity level in your home by doing a few steps. The first thing you could try out is to use a hygrometer.

This device is easy to use and can be bought at your local home improvement store. The other thing that you could do is to check your windows and walls for condensation. You may also check for any signs of mold. Usually, mold grows when there is excess moisture, a sign that humidity levels are constantly high within your home.

AC systemIs my AC capable of controlling humidity?

Basically, your air conditioning unit is not designed to control the humidity levels in your home. Your AC unit is controlled by a thermostat which senses the temperature in a given area but not the humidity level. However, during the cooling process, some of the humidity in the air is drawn out and condensed onto the fins.

Although some of the humidity is taken out, your AC is not designed to control humidity. The partial removal of humidity is only a byproduct of the cooling process. You may contact your HVAC contractor for more information regarding the matter.

How will too much humidity impact my AC?

Aside from promoting mold growth, high humidity can have adverse effects on your air conditioning unit. High humidity can force your air conditioner to work harder. As it becomes uncomfortable, it is likely that the user would turn down the thermostat even more to rid of the effects of humidity. When this happens, your air conditioning unit will work harder, resulting in increased power consumption and frequent maintenance. If your AC requires maintenance, call your HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach right away. Don’t wait until you have a problem before you get your AC checked out.

What should I do to keep humidity levels down?

The easiest thing to do is to get yourself a dehumidifier. They could either be stand-alone or can be built into your HVAC system. Your local HVAC contractor like North Myrtle Beach HVAC Experts would know what you need in your home and what the most suitable solution is. Also, it is necessary that you schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit. There’s nothing better than scheduled maintenance to prevent any damage to your AC unit.

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