heating and coolingLet’s say you are ready to sell your North Myrtle Beach home. You need to make the best deal by setting a high asking price for your property. To make this possible, you need to pull out all the stops and prep everything for the sale. You can splash on a fresh coat of paint, make other visual improvements, and some major repairs like fixing heating and cooling issues.

Before you put your house up for sale, you should take care of every existing problem. This allows you to set a higher asking price for your property. Any major issues with your HVAC system can negatively impact the sale of your home and not just your asking price.

Here are some heating and cooling issues that can affect the sale of your home:

Refrigerant leaks

Any HVAC system uses a type of refrigerant to provide heating and cooling. If there are leaks in the system, the refrigerant slowly evaporates into the air. This will greatly impact the efficiency of the system and affect the system’s ability to provide heating and cooling. Refrigerant leaks need to be repaired immediately. The system will run poorly when refrigerant levels run low. Other than that, refrigerant gases can harm the human body when inhaled.

Defective parts

Another cause for concern is when the system has a number of defective parts. For newer systems, this isn’t much of a problem since all parts have only been in operation for not a long time. However, for older HVAC systems, it is quite different. When you first notice problems, call your HVAC contractor right away. Any reduction in the system’s capacity to heat and cool needs to be addressed immediately to prevent issues from worsening.

Poor installation and maintenance

There are a number of reasons why you should hire an expert like North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air Conditioning for the installation of your heating and cooling system. First of all, the installation needs to be done properly. Bear in mind that any flaws in the installation can lead to future issues. That’s why you should take your time in choosing the right HVAC professional for the installation. As for maintenance, your system should be maintained by a professional as well. This is to ensure that any possible issues are resolved quickly.

Dated HVAC system

An older HVAC system doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a lot of problems. Heating and cooling systems that are properly maintained can last for more than a decade. However, if you missed out on HVAC maintenance on several occasions, you are putting the system at risk of failure. If you want to prevent system issues, you should be more mindful about maintenance especially if you have a dated system.

Missing or faulty parts

If you are intending to put your house for sale, you should first make sure that your heating and cooling are in working order. The national average cost of installing an HVAC system is $9,582. The price gets even higher as you go premium. This is why you should replace any missing parts to improve the system and boost your home sale.

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