heatingYour home should be warm and cozy in winter. While raising your thermostat can make your home warmer, it can also increase your energy bills. But there are ways you can heat your home without increasing your heating costs. These winter heating hacks will help you keep the cool out and warmth in your home:

1. Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home throughout the day. They can be set to adjust at any time, so it doesn’t need to stay at 68°F all the time. The thermostat can be programmed to lower the temperature at night or when there is no one home, so you can keep your house warm while you are awake. You can set the thermostat to return to normal when you get up, or when you return home from work so that you don’t step into a cold house.

2. Check that heating vents remain open and not blocked

It is a myth that closing vents will make your home more efficient by not heating unoccupied rooms. The HVAC system in your home was designed to produce the same amount of hot air regardless of how many vents you have open. Vents that are too tightly closed can cause the system to work harder, which will lead to higher energy bills and more damage. Vents can be partially closed to help push air into the right places, but you should leave at least 25% of them open.

3. Add a door draft stopper

Draft guards can prevent cold air from getting into your home through doors. These handy objects, often covered with fabric and weighed down with sand are placed at the front doors to stop cold air from seeping in. If you are so inclined, you can make your own. Cut a length of fabric that fits your doorway. Then, make a tube from it and fill it with whatever stuffing you prefer before closing it. While a draft stopper will not eliminate the cool breeze from entering your door when you open it, it can help keep the door closed.

4. Use bubble wrap or plastic film to insulate windows

Bubble wrap and plastic film are inexpensive and easy to use as window insulators. Window film insulation kits can be made from transparent shrink film, which creates a barrier for drafty windows. Cut the sheet of plastic to fit your window. Apply adhesive tape to the frame of the window and then seal it with a hairdryer.

5. Seal your windows

Sealing windows is another smart move. To keep drafts out and heat in your home, replace old caulking with weatherstripping. First, clean out the window frame of any caulk that has deteriorated. Next, you will need to use a caulk gun and slowly apply a thin layer of caulk along the seams of the window. Finish by smoothing the caulk using your finger. Seal the interior of your windows if you’re looking to go the extra mile. Sealing your windows prevents drafts which ultimately helps your heat pump perform better.

6. On a sunny day, open the curtains

This hack for housewarming is completely free! Check the weather before you go out for the day. Open the curtains and blinds around your house if the sun is shining. Nature will heat your home free of charge. To prevent cold air from entering your home at night, close all the curtains.

7. Turn your ceiling fan on reverse

This is a great hack that’s often overlooked. To pull cool air up, your ceiling fan should be turned clockwise in the summer. Fans can also be used in winter to heat your home.

8. Keep interior doors open

Not the exterior doors, of course. But the interior doors of your home. This might seem to contradict the idea that closing some doors will result in less heat being generated overall. Air can circulate in your home if you keep your doors open. This will regulate the temperature in the entire house.

9. Boost insulation

This step is more time-consuming, but it can save you money. It might be time to inspect your insulation if it hasn’t been inspected in a while. Insulation will regulate the temperature inside your home and prevent heat from escaping to the basement or attic. Call a North Myrtle Beach heating contractor to increase your home’s insulation.

10. Bake some delicious treats

Want to get warm quickly? To warm up your home, turn on the oven while you bake your favorite dessert. After you are done baking, close the oven door but leave it a little bit open and let it cool down.

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