Winter Heating Hacks For A Warmer House

heatingYour home should be warm and cozy in winter. While raising your thermostat can make your home warmer, it can also increase your energy bills. But there are ways you can heat your home without increasing your heating costs. These winter heating hacks will help you keep the cool out and warmth in your home:

1. Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home throughout the day. They can be set to adjust at any time, so it doesn’t need to stay at 68°F all the time. The thermostat can be programmed to lower the temperature at night or when there is no one home, so you can keep your house warm while you are awake. You can set the thermostat to return to normal when you get up, or when you return home from work so that you don’t step into a cold house.

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