HVACMany companies offer an extended HVAC maintenance contract or service contract if you’re installing or fixing an existing HVAC system. Although such contracts could be a blessing they could also become a money waster. You can make an informed decision by learning more about these contracts as well as what their offer entails.

Here are some things you need to know about heating and air conditioning service contracts

Service contracts are agreements between you and the HVAC North Myrtle Beach SC contractor. They require you to pay a fixed fee to ensure that your HVAC system is maintained by the company.

Standard contracts include a tuneup, checkup, and maintenance that will focus on your heating system in the winter and your air conditioning system well into the summer. Some contracts include parts and service for any issues found during inspections. Others will include emergency service.

Some include priority treatment. This can save you time and discomfort if your heater fails in the cold or your air conditioner breaks down in the heat. Remember that the more services you have on your contract, the more money you will pay.

Regular maintenance

If you sign up for a service contract, your HVAC system will be inspected annually. The HVAC contractor can replace any dirty filters or find other issues that could be hindering your efficiency. This will increase your energy efficiency and make your system more efficient overall. It is better to have your HVAC contractor inspect your system once a year than wait for them to become costly or destroy your system.

HVAC Service Agreements may be more expensive than repairs.

Most homeowners don’t want to purchase an HVAC service contract. This is due to the associated cost. It often depends on the services being provided. The cost of an HVAC service contract might not be worth it if the system is still under warranty. Warranty coverage must cover any major repairs.

Some manufacturers require routine maintenance. It is possible that the contract will cost more than the service or repair it provides. You will still have to pay the annual cost regardless of how many times you have had repairs done. If your system can go without major repairs for many years and you still have to pay $250 per year for service contracts, it’s likely that you are paying more than what it’s worth.

You should also consider joining the Peak Performance Club. It’s an exclusive membership program for clients who would like their HVAC systems to be maintained for the long-term. It offers several benefits such as fewer repairs and more system efficiency.

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