HVAC maintenanceGreat job on your new home purchase! Now that you’re a homeowner, it’s important to take care of your HVAC system. This means doing some regular upkeep, keeping an eye out for problems, and preventing expensive repairs. Regular HVAC maintenance help the unit work well and save money in the long run.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

First things first, figure out what type of heating and cooling system you have in your new home. Is it a mini-split system, a central air conditioner, a boiler, or a heat pump? You’ll also want to know what kind of fuel it uses. Here are a few other things you should be aware of:

Age: Some HVAC systems can last a long time, but many start showing signs of wear and tear after about 10 years.

Efficiency Rating: HVAC systems are rated based on their efficiency, using terms like EER, SEER, and AFUE. Higher ratings mean better efficiency.

Warranty: Understand the terms of the warranty and what might void it.

Maintenance Records: If the previous homeowner had maintenance done by a North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor, ask for those inspection reports. They can give you insights into any past issues with the unit.

Change Your Air Filters

One of the simplest and most effective HVAC Maintenance is running smoothly is to change the air filters regularly. Most of the time, this means every one to six months. Some systems even have thermostats that’ll remind you when it’s time to change the filter.

Keep the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit Clear

Taking care of your landscaping isn’t just about making your home look nice; it can also help your HVAC system work better. Make sure any plants, trees, shrubs, or other greenery are at least three feet away from the outdoor unit. Also, keep any gardening tools, furniture, toys, or other supplies away from it.

Don’t Close Your Vents

If you’re trying to save money on heating and cooling costs, closing your vents isn’t the way to go. It might seem like a good idea, but it’ll actually make your HVAC system work harder to keep your home comfortable. An experienced HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach won’t recommend blocking vent registers with anything. If you want to control the temperature in specific areas of your home, they can help you set up different zones.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have been around the block a few times, feel free to reach out to North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air for guidance and support.

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