HVACAs we count down the days until the holidays, take a moment to think about what might happen if your AC stops working during the holiday festivities at your home. Although the holidays are a time of joy and laughter, they can quickly turn into a stressful time, especially if your HVAC is not working properly.

What can you do? Don’t worry! You can trust North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air to be there in an emergency. However, these tips will help you prevent an HVAC problem before the holidays.

Holiday Season HVAC Maintenance Checklist

While you don’t have to inspect it twice, these are steps that will help keep your cooling and heating unit in top condition.

  • Change air filter
  • Keep outdoor unit clean of debris
  • Inspect the ductwork for drafts and leaks
  • Clean your vents
  • Vacuum your home regularly

Recognize HVAC problems early

Seasonal tune-ups do exactly that: find and fix problems before they get worse and more expensive. North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air is able to identify and repair problems in your HVAC system before they become serious. To keep your HVAC unit at its best, we must all work together.

Consider this: Would you rather spend money on scheduled maintenance visits or would it be better to use your money for emergency service? Call for emergency service and hope the problem is fixed before your guests arrive. We’re sure we would choose the one that suits us best!

HVAC maintenance saves money

Preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit will not only bring you reliability and efficiency, but it can also save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Your system can get dirty over time. This can cause wear on system components and lead to potential failures. This can cause your system to run more often and could lead to higher energy bills, which is something you don’t want for the holidays.

Also, wear and tear can cause breakdowns that are often more costly to repair than regular preventative maintenance. Are you ready to book your maintenance appointment?

Keep your AC running by doing your part

It is always easier for homeowners to maintain their HVAC system. Keep your HVAC system clean by changing the air filters frequently, cleaning out the compressor unit, and replacing the batteries.

A broken HVAC system shouldn’t ruin your holiday plans. Our trusted HVAC technicians are available to help you any time of the day or night. Call North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air now.

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