Prepare Air Conditioner for Summer

air conditioner summerMany homeowners worry about setting up a pool and planning a summer vacation for their families. These are wonderful things to look forward too, but you need to first consider the basics. Your home’s comfort during a Myrtle Beach summer is heavily dependent on its air conditioning system. You must prepare it for the summer.

Install a new air filter

Each home’s air conditioner system has at least one filter that must be replaced regularly. This filter traps unwanted pollutants and makes sure they don’t get in your home. This filter will eventually become clogged with so many pollutants over time.

Now, take a few moments to remove the air filter. Hold it up to a light. It still has some life if you can see through it. If you cannot see through the filter it is time to replace it. There are four types of air filters available: HEPA, pleated, fiberglass and washable.

Clean Your Inside Air Conditioning Unit

Properly cleaning your air conditioner is essential to ensure it runs at peak performance. Start with the inside of your air conditioner unit. To prevent any electrical problems or injuries, you will need to switch off the circuit breaker connected to your AC system.

The access panel from the indoor air conditioner unit should be removed. Begin by cleaning the evaporator coils. Debris can build up over time and cause damage to the evaporator coil. A foaming cleanser that is specifically made for coils is recommended. The foaming cleanser will work and the debris will be able to fall into the drain pan.

Next, clean the drain pan as well as the drain pipe. These components can get clogged up with debris and hard water. To thoroughly clean these components, use a bleach-water solution. This will ensure you don’t have a water backup due to a blocked drain or pipe.

Clean the Outside HVAC Unit

After you have cleaned the indoor unit, you can reinstall the access panels. Now it’s time for you to go outside. First, remove the AC grille. Use a hose to clean any debris on your compressor unit’s fins and other parts.

You will need to clean the condenser coil with a special cleaner that you can buy online or in your local hardware store. The cleaner will be extremely harsh as it must work hard to get rid of all the debris and dirt that has been left by the elements.

Straighten the Fins

A lot of metal fins will be found on your outdoor compressor unit. These small pieces can be bent easily. The fins will not disperse heat properly if they are bent. You can fix this problem by using a fin comb.

Hardware stores sell fin combs. You will need a tape measure to determine the right size comb. You need to count the number of fins in one square inch. The number of fins per square inch is the basis for selling combs.

Make sure to clean up around the outdoor unit

Once you have cleaned up the outside unit, and reinstalled the AC grille cover cover, it is time to evaluate the area around the unit. You should remove any leaves or sticks that may be left behind. Tree branches or bushes within two feet of the unit will need to be cut back. A minimum of 2 feet should be left around the outdoor unit. This will allow air to flow freely through the unit.

Programming Your Thermostat

thermostatThis is the perfect time to program your thermostat according to your schedule. When you are sure you will be home, set your thermostat at a level where you are comfortable. If you aren’t home, such as when you leave for work, you can program your thermostat to a temperature higher temperature. This will make sure that your air conditioner is operating in an efficient manner.

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Safety Precautions For Your Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioner repairAn air conditioner repair is quick and simple for the average handyman. But there are some things that can be dangerous about cooling repairs.

Things to Consider During An Air Conditioner Repair

1. First and foremost, the HVAC repair requires that the appliance be completely disconnected from an electric outlet. It is not enough to turn the device control off.

The unit must be completely unplugged and the electrical wiring disconnected from the power source. This is particularly important when working in the system or near the fan of the air conditioner unit.

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Things to Consider When hiring an HVAC Contractor

hire HVAC contractorYou should be prepared when hiring an HVAC contractor. Before you start looking on the internet for a local contractor, it is crucial that you do your research. There are many ways to find reliable contractors. It is not a good idea to hire a contractor that isn’t right for you.

We’ll be sharing some tips from the Better Business Bureau to help you find the right heating and cooling contractor. Please note that not all contractors will be the same. While some contractors can deliver outstanding results, others may not provide the same level service.

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for an HVAC contractor

Certificate and license

This is no surprise. Qualified air conditioner repair professionals are the first thing you should look for. Do they have a license to operate? Are they able to show that they have completed the required training? These organizations run commercial and residential services, so license and certification are essential. You can contact the concerned regulating bodies to verify that the accreditation and permit they give you are valid.

Insurance policy that is active

You don’t want to have one problem after another. It is important to know that insurance policies will cover any damages that may occur during or after the repair. You will need to ensure that your contractor is insured. Most HVAC contractors in North Myrtle Beach have insurance. There are others who don’t have insurance and are not safe. Always ask for insurance coverage when you hire any professional.

Participation in local trade associations

Some people view membership in professional associations as a way to gain greater access to the sector. However, this shows service providers are qualified to do the job. Signing up for such trade groups indicates that heating and cooling professionals are competent or have the qualifications to join the team. If a professional has connections to several groups, it is easier to track their track record.

There are no felony charges and no involvement in criminal activity

Contractors in all areas can conduct background checks on their employees. North Myrtle Beach Heating & Air ensures that their employees are clean and free from any violations of the law. This is especially important for services that involve gaining entry to your home. This protection check is essential in order to prevent any criminal activity. It ensures that employees are clean and have not been convicted of any felony. This helps you to find a heating or cooling contractor who can do these checks. It will also give you comfort while your A/C system repairs are being done.

They care about your family

hvac contractorWe are a family owned and operated HVAC Company. We have strong ties to the community and care about the people we serve. Your comfort is our primary goal.

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